super bowl xliii


    Betfair's Nick Shiambouros Super Bowl Blog: Betting thoughts from Tampa

    Super Bowl Blog: Betting thoughts on the big game from Nick Shiambouros in Tampa Our man on the ground is suggesting a Kurt Warner inspired upset can take place in Florida on Sunday. Find out how and why here... The temperatures dipped in the bay area on the eve...

    Super Bowl betting: How to win on Super Bowl Props (By Brian Gold for

    Super Bowl betting: How to win on Super Bowl Props Super Bowl proposition bets became popular in the 1980s and according to some industry insiders now exceeds the amounts bet on straight wagers and spreads. The reason seems obvious. While a game line is purposely...

    Super Bowl XLIII Betting Preview by

    Super Bowl XLIII Betting Preview: Cardinals may have enough to upset the odds It's all friendly in Tampa at the moment but that will change when the Steelers and Cardinals get down to business on Sunday night. Andy Richmond runs through the odds and betting before kick-off...
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