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  1. Live Odds Sportsbook Software Features

    The experienced team of dedicated developers helps you in developing live odd sportsbook software solutions which are easy to use and more responsive than give users a memorable experience. Live betting odds Live odds scouting Live monitoring and trading Live Results Ticket Handling
  2. Pay per Head - #1 Bookie Website Services

    Pay per Head Experience With a total of *over 30 years* experience in the offshore betting industry, Price per Head is simply the most professional choice for all bookmakers. Experts will take care of every detail so that you don’t have to. We don’t just have cs reps, we do things the right...
  3. Pay Per Head - Amazing Secrets to Profiting as a Bookie

    I've gotten many questions about how to choose a good price per head provider, so I figured I'd write a quick guide here: Pay per Head Software There are two major sportsbook software providers on the market: DGS and ASI. Most shops working with these platforms will be very similar, but not...
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    If you know an agent that is looking to change of service or have a package, send me an email at, good commision!!!!!!!!
  5. ***********PPH killer service***************

    º Agent Lines Control º Move on Money º Messaging System (Players,Agents & PPH Call Center) º Live Betting º PPH Mobile Wagering/ Mobile Reports º Horse Betting º Live Casino Dealers º Best PPH Lines º Lottery,Squares,Pools & ParlayCards º American / European...
  6. Looking for a place for your players go to bookiespph best price per head site

    If you are interested on the site just call them and you are going to see I am not joking around!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Price per Head Sportsbook

    I have a friend who works with - he tells me they are quality and will give me service @ $10 price per head. I can't seem to find who they are connected to... anyone know anything about them? I'm normally pretty good at figuring out marketing site/provider...
  8. PPH Shop

    Attention Bookies! Real Price per Head offers $14 per player over the internet. Customize every single line as you wish Customize Juice Activate / Deactivate any line whenever you want 24/7 wagering Many many reports Control Sub-agents FREE Horsebook Ask for test accounts. Personalize...
  9. Price Per Head $5

    Price per head only $5 Internet only for the first month. Phone and Internet $15 for the first month. After that prices go to $9.50 Internet only and $18 Phone and Internet. DGS software - Great linesman contact Greg @ 888.238.5558 and mention RX Promo