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  1. profiticsports

    Another 100% CBB Day Today

    So today I had 100% day on CBB. 100% loss on 3 plays, and all 3 tanked. Had a good run all week. Ended the day with a 65% win rate. 14 picks, 9-5 including NBA, Soccer and MLB spring training bets.
  2. Tales of Triumph and Heartbreak: Unforgettable Sport Betting Stories

    Sport betting has carved its place as a riveting pastime, captivating individuals with the promise of lucrative wins and the rush of predicting unpredictable outcomes at Africa365. However, beyond the numbers and odds, it is the incredible tales that arise from the world of sport betting that...
  3. joandimitri12

    Be a partner and earn more while you play and enjoy! $ $ $

    For me, VOdds is the best option. You can even collaborate with them through an affiliate scheme so you can do various sportsbooks to increase your chances of winning. Earn guaranteed earnings by referring clients!
  4. dacoochiebets

    Da Coochie vs Da Bookie

    We are back for another MONSTER card; if you want to get these lines before they move subscribe to my Substack! It is free till June 1st, and if you sign-up now never pay a dime! Now onto the good stuff; Wales vs Austria Kick-Off: 3:45 PM EST Play — Wales...
  5. Pre-match: Juventus VS Udinese Tips Coppa Italia - Goaloo Soccer

    Coppa Italia---Match Time:16/1/2020 03:45 Thursday GMT + 8 [Goaloo Data] 1.Juventus plays in the Italian Serie A, they placed 1st with 48 points in the league. They got 15 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss. Juventus scored 37 goals and lost 18 balls in all in the last 19 games. 2.Udinese plays in the...
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