1. Seeking for a Customer Service Manager (Heredia)

    Customer Service Manager is responsible for coordination the customer service staff. Specifically Phone, Chat, and Email Support. This position requires 100% English proficiency as well as the ability to communicate clearly and professionally on a wide variety of formats. The Ideal Customer...
  2. bscully27

    Starting My Services Website - Who has done this?

    I'll be getting a web designer. The content will be NFL (for now) pick selection to subscribers. Has anyone started their own website and have any legal / marketing advice? I appreciate any genuine help. Thanks, Ben
  3. Great CR service - ChiChis Escazu defines a new low

    **** This post is ONLY ChiChis ESCAZU and is not meant to reflect on any other ChiChis restaurants **** Every wanted to have the owner of a bar shout at you in public "you fucking asshole get the fuck out of my bar" multiple times and then snatch your drink away and physically intimidate you...

    11-1 POSTED PLAYS YESTERDAY Been SUPER solid over the last two weeks. Post game results each day and give free plays for every major sport College and Pro.
  5. Free Trial of Superior Sports Handicapping Service

    We are offering a limited free trial now. Email only. No annoying phone calls. Do you lose money like most sports gamblers? Stop falling for all the tricks and start betting with confidence using our proven service. As former professional Commodities and Wall Street Analysts, we’ve united...