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    Price Per Head For Only $8 Call Now 888-200-8191 All this is included on the price of $8 Agent Lines Control Live Betting Move on Money Messaging System (Players,Agents & PPH Call Center) Mobile Wagering/ Mobile Reports Horse Betting Best Per Head Lines American / European Odds Free...
  4. Price per Head Service

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    If you are looking for a high quality price per head sportsbook at a lower price, you have come to the right place. At we have developed our own pay per head software. This allows us to customize and improve our software and service in a way most PPH shops simply can't...
  6. Price per Head Solutions

    Real Price per Head blows all competitors away in every category; software, customer service & line management. We offer the industry´s leading sports offerings (game lines, 1st half lines, 2nd half lines, quarters, money lines, totals, and hundreds of daily propositions) + 300 thoroughbred and...
  7. Price Per Head $5

    Price per head only $5 Internet only for the first month. Phone and Internet $15 for the first month. After that prices go to $9.50 Internet only and $18 Phone and Internet. DGS software - Great linesman contact Greg @ 888.238.5558 and mention RX Promo