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  1. Best Price Per Head

    Are You Booking? Let us write it for you! As low as $8 Per Head. Best Software in the Industry, No Tricks a Flat Fee for all Packages! We do the hard work and you collect the profits! Call Now: +1 888 200 8191 First Week Free!!!!!!!
  2. Credit Card Processor

    We looking to work with a Price per Head , that needs a credit card processor, our processor is via virtual giftcards, for more information call at 888-200-8191. We are located in Costa Rica.
  3. Best Price Per head

    Price Per Head For Only $8 Call Now 888-200-8191 All this is included on the price of $8 Agent Lines Control Live Betting Move on Money Messaging System (Players,Agents & PPH Call Center) Mobile Wagering/ Mobile Reports Horse Betting Best Per Head Lines American / European Odds Free...
  4. Attention Bookies: Make More Money and get SAFE with a Better Price per Head

    Ok, so if you are bookie, we are giving you the opportunity to: 1- Increase your earnings 2- Take less risk when doing business. That sounds like a tall order. You're right. It is. Here is how we do it: How we increase the earning$ of our bookie clients: A. We offer more betting options...
  5. Price per Head Services

    Do you need price per head services? Then visit and we'll hook you up. Get 1 week of free service if you mention you saw us on TheRX
  6. Considering a Price per Head but not Sure if it is worth it? Read Here.

    I'd like to give some insight as to what agents can expect in terms of offsetting the costs of PPH. Please keep in mind these are averages and/or estimates of the medium increase for agents switching from a pen and pad to PPH, your increase might be different: 1- Casino - You will be able...
  7. Price per Head Call Center?

    Anyone know what software the guys at are using? It doesn't seem to be the standard DGS/ASI. :think2:
  8. Price per Head Sportsbook

    I have a friend who works with - he tells me they are quality and will give me service @ $10 price per head. I can't seem to find who they are connected to... anyone know anything about them? I'm normally pretty good at figuring out marketing site/provider...
  9. Price per Head!!!!!!! JUST FOR TODAY!!!!!!!

    Rates $15 @ mdsportbook. Just contact me and i will find you the best deal.
  10. Price Per head(Change Services) Pay Per Head

    Ok guys. NFL is starting thursday and we are ready to take on your business. We will be posting pictures of our brand new facilities in Costa Rica very shortly. If you think the service and line management you are currently getting is poorly handled, give us a few guys to test us out, i know you...