1. tester55

    My prediction for Dec. 25, 2022

    Arizona Cardinals - Tampa Bay Buccaneers AT win AT -away team
  2. tester55

    My picks for December 25, 2022

    Dallas Mavericks - Los Angeles Lakers my prediction HT win
  3. Week 6 Statistical Model Predictions

    Check'em out: Atlanta 54% NY Jets 79% Pittsburgh 52% Minnesota 73% Buffalo 55% Detroit 84% Denver 75% Houston 55% Miami 52% Seattle 59% Green Bay 80% Baltimore 51% New England 59% Philadelphia 76%
  4. Leading Statistical Models (4) Week 5 Picks

    Here are the leading NFL statistical models' picks: Check'em out!
  5. NBA Prediction on 2014/11/22

    Prediction: NBA / Sacramento Kings VS Chicago Bulls -- Match Time?11/21/2014 11:30 Friday Sacramento Kings VS Chicago Bulls ------------------------------------------------------ In the second game of a Thursday night NBA on TNT doubleheader, the Chicago Bulls will travel to Sleep Train Arena...
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