1. CarolinaKid

    plus money on utah and lakers

    let see what happens
  2. CarolinaKid

    Total for the game at 44 imo ready to drop

    really think this will drop in a short time
  3. CarolinaKid

    Heavy money on the under for the 1st half

    Very heavy at 23 and again at 22.5 Also a very weak line on tenn at 3 imo.No way would i be on tenn in this game
  4. CarolinaKid

    Ok state-1.5+-05 plus money for the 1st half

    Watching this one close to maybe make a 1st half play With A&M for the 1st half........both lines for st for the game and 1st half is very weak and on my scale has a neg 52% with the current
  5. CarolinaKid

    Green Bay open at Plus Money -3.5+04

    Packers open at plus money and the line stand now -3+03 and the 1st half-1.5 at even money is weak imo.This line going the right way to make a play with Da Bears tonite.Again it very early and we have all day to watch this one, but wanted to put out the base in the game to match against the...
  6. CarolinaKid

    carolina-2.5+19 for the 2nd half

    look like my play for the game is dead on this
  7. CarolinaKid

    dd plus money on houston-3+11

    A long time off on this game but something to watch from now to game time......Plus these 2 teams play in the preseason and it look like Dallas could be a good off the 3 to 3.5
  8. CarolinaKid

    Plus money Play 5*

    plus money on game and 1st half with SAINTS....SF+5 FOR 5*****.ck
  9. CarolinaKid

    Giants+3 for the 1st half for me

    Using the doggie for 4*
  10. CarolinaKid

    Plus money alert...COLT-3.5+18 FOR THE 1ST Half

    looking now as the 1st half on the giants might be the
  11. CarolinaKid

    Plus Money alert Indy-5+03

    this game is hrs away but just wanted to put the number up for a base for later.Also we have plus money on the 1st half have as well in this one.The key i want to see if this thing goes up to +06 or higher as the game get close, but the number on indy at this time imo is
  12. CarolinaKid

    Plus MONEY ALERT ON Georgia-1+06 for the 1st half

    Watching this game close here but imo the line for the game and 1st half is weak at this time on the dogs.The key in this 1st half if this thing goes up on plus money from the
  13. CarolinaKid

    Plus money play GETTING STRONGER -3+05 1ST HALF

    Kcity +3 for 1st half for 4*
  14. CarolinaKid


    Staying with my play on the game but just wanted to give a heads
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