plus money

  1. mpacman

    where's CK for the plus money tonight?

    PInn Plus money on the fav dallas for the first Reg SNF and the money are pretty split on both side, the skins are the play tonight fella.
  2. CarolinaKid

    Plus money on Temple-7.5+02

    this game is a day off but just a head up to watch......we want this plus money money to go+06 or
  3. CarolinaKid

    Plus Money on Navy for the 1st half 3.5+02

    This game is several hrs off but wanted to give a head up.It only+02 now and i want to see this go to +06 to+08 closer to game
  4. CarolinaKid

    Plus Money hitting Tulsa-7+02

    heads up
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