1. Betfair.com

    BETFAIR - Betting, Props available for mens Hockey today

    Bet for or against an outcome, set your own odds and wait to be matched and bet in play until the final whistle...at betfair the choice is yours! Finland v Belarus http://sports.betfair.com/Index.do?mi=101063343&ex=1&origin=MRL 1st Period Goals 1st Period Match Odds Belarus +2.5 Goals Belarus...
  2. Betfair.com

    Betfair Men's Hockey - Odds To win gold 17th February, 2010

    http://sports.betfair.com/Index.do?m...x=1&origin=MRL View current odds and amount available to back (bet for) or bet against (lay) above. Matched so far: CAD $339,583 To Back: Canada +134 Russia +275 Sweden +720 USA +1000 Czech +2200 Finland +1900 AND if you are feeling like...
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