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  1. Betfair.com

    Betting on the Grammys by Brian Gold for Betfair Canada.

    Specials Betting: The Grammy Awards Offers the Bettor a Lot of Value By Brian Gold When it comes to betting on awards shows a lot of people tend to shun them. The reason isn't that they are too difficult to predict but rather they are too easy to forecast. While...
  2. Betfair.com

    Oscars 2009 Betting: Making Money on Short Shots (By Betfair.com)

    Oscars 2009 Betting: Making Money on Short Shots By Brian Gold for betfair.com Everyone looks for the big payout including myself. When a 100/1 shot wins golf and you wagered on it, you feel like king of the world. Mind you those huge longshot winners are few and far between and...
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