ncaa basketball

  1. Phenom

    College Basketball 2023/2024:

    I'm going to start this college basketball season with these team LSU -2.5 Vermont -4.5 San Jose State -2.5 Miami Florida -7 Texas A&M -20
  2. bjsurhoff

    Thursday NCAA Over

    0-3 yesterday, 11-9 year to date, up 1.1 units. 1 unit Over 145.5 Tenn Martin / Lindenwood Let’s get back on track!
  3. bjsurhoff

    Hump Day Overs

    0-1 yesterday, 11-6 year to date. Up 4.4 units. 1 unit - Over 138.5 VCU / George Mason 1 unit - Over 135.5 Army / American 1 unit - Over 139.5 Texas Tech / West Virginia Good luck to all.
  4. bjsurhoff


    0-1 Sunday. 11-5 year to date, up 5.5 units 1 unit - Over 147.5 Bowling Green / CMU. Good luck to all !
  5. bjsurhoff

    Sunday NCAAB Over

    1-0 yesterday. 11-4 year to date, up 6.6 units 1 Unit - Over 150.5 Cinci / Memphis Good luck to all.
  6. dacoochiebets

    Tasty Tuesday Treat from College Hoops

    FGCU ML +100 (Ceasars) Sometimes the boys you back the day prior face-off, and when they do it provides ya with some inside knowledge on which dog to back in this race. And as fun as it was riding the dragons of Drexel to a win yesterday —- I’m going back to the well on Dunk City and taking...
  7. Mistermj

    MisterMJ NCAA Basketball Picks, Systems & Analysis

    Getting back to what I like to do best here. Make picks, run handicapping systems and hopefully have a good time. There are two rules I hope everyone can follow. 1. Just follow the "Golden Rule" and that takes care of most everything. 2. If rule # 1 doesn't work...don't feed the...
  8. Wall Streets plays (free/leans)

    12-14 512-Under Northwestern 139' NBA 504-Brooklyn -1'
  9. NCAA Basketball Betting – Kentucky Freshman Among Those Likely To Head To NBA

    Every year the debate rages on about at what stage young basketball players will be ready to move on to the professional ranks and compete in the NBA. For some, the trip is one that is made right after high school. For others, at least one year of college ball has them on the radar to be among...

    NCAA Basketball Final by Nick Shiambouros for Betfair

    NCAA Basketball Final: North Carolina Tar Heels v Michigan State Spartans Click here to view market North Carolina are the heavy favourites but they may find going tougher than expected, says Nick Shiambouros. The Michigan State Spartans will play the North...
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