1. barman

    Great News - WikiLeaks releases over 90,000 Documents in "Afghan War Diary"

    Shining the light of truth on government actions is best for all concerned - save for perhaps those who benefit from dishonesty and fraud. Afghanistan War Logs: WikiLeaks Releasing Over 90,000 Documents In 'Afghan War Diary' *** UPDATE: WikiLeaks is releasing their full "Afghan War Diary" on...
  2. whalewager

    Forum brothers, I need your input

    I am just sick of it. I am 6 ft 1 250 lbs. I weighed and measured at the dr office yesterday. Seem to have lost an inch somewhere. The problem is this...I am just plain scary fellas...I scare little kids,women,men,rottweillers,my own mother. Since I have been lifting weights, this has just...
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