1. Bane1976

    Movies That Are Tough to Watch...

    Call me a pussy but I tear up at times when watching Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Born on the Fourth of July. So many pointless deaths. Young men in their primes torn to pieces. The first two World Wars had to be fought but Viet Nam was one big lie. Similar to the war in Iraq. Had a...
  2. GringoMovies - Local online DVD store, easy ordering and free delivery in CR - 20% off coupon inside!

    Been a while since stopped by so posting the link again and for the month of December, any new customers from the RX will get a 20% discount on first order. Just use the coupon code - TheRX Hundreds of movies listed with many not out yet here in CR.. easy ordering and pay via CC or COD. Local...
  3. maxdemo

    Dinner for Schmucks.....LMAFO

    Just finially got a chance to see Dinner for Schmucks....I thought it was one of the funnier movies I have watched this year.
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