1. Horse Racing Tips by *Sports Investor*

    Hello people of RX Forum. I am making this thread for the racing punters. I will share my picks here and try to update it daily. Tail/fade its up to you.
  2. Do anyone knows of a book that needs people to do Live Betting.........

    Hi, just want to know if someone knows if there is a Book that needs to do Live betting, I will like to win an extra cash$$$$?
  3. Sportsbooks and Casinos having problems bringing money to Costa Rica?

    I have the solutions for all you that have headaches bringing money to Costa Rica Legal and Clean as water, my company has 15 years on business and worked with a few sportsbooks and even with pokerstars. Never had a Legal problem, so if you are having trouble I am your solution, if you are...
  4. Sky Sport Software

    We are Sky Sport Software and we are offering sportsbook, casino and horses software solutions for PPH, credit or post up operations. Please visit our website at: If you like to receive a test account PM me and it will be sent. Mention this add and get $100...
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