1. dacoochiebets

    Coochie vs The Bookie NFL Futures

    In advance of the coming season, I've locked in a handful of futures that I'm feeling are stone-cold LOCKS to cash come the end of the season. I'm going to post 1 a day in advance of the coming NFL season on this thread, but if you want to read them all today, subscribe to my FREE newsletter...
  2. Magica

    How about all 130 NCAAF Team Totals!

    How about I just offer you my predictions for all 130 teams and their team totals in 2021? Okay, I can do that! Good Luck this upcoming season and yes, I will be capping the entire year as usual! Have yourselves one helluva a season!
  3. GamblingZombie

    Vegas locals: Best place to find Value Futures?

    Good day, all. I've been in Vegas for about a month now and I normally go to Hilton and MGM's family of casinos for comparing futures value. I noticed that Hilton is great about updating the futures quickly, but they don't always have the best odds. Caesar's casinos usually have crappy...
  4. Betallsports

    Master " BUY GROUPS "......Please Post All Buy Groups ** HERE ONLY**!

    If You are looking to Start a Buy Group, Please Post them Here . Anything Found in the Other Threads in the Service Plays Forum, will be Moved Here.
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