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  1. piwi247marketingofficial

    Best betting sites!

    Hi there, Any suggestions for your go to betting sites beside from pinnacle or betfair? :)
  2. Pre-match: Juventus VS Udinese Tips Coppa Italia - Goaloo Soccer

    Coppa Italia---Match Time:16/1/2020 03:45 Thursday GMT + 8 [Goaloo Data] 1.Juventus plays in the Italian Serie A, they placed 1st with 48 points in the league. They got 15 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss. Juventus scored 37 goals and lost 18 balls in all in the last 19 games. 2.Udinese plays in the...
  3. Mixaael0 tips NFL 2013/14

    Hello everybody, This season, I want to share here my NFL experience with you.:) I start with 200€. I used 30€ for longterm bets. Good luck everyone!:103631605

    Betfair NFL Betting: Get ready for an offensive shootout in Georgia.

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