1. edisson.lopez

    Oficial 2022 contest thread for sunday, november 3

    ***Contest lines provided by CRIS and Yahoops ***Posts must be date stamped by the times indicated to count ***Maximum of 6 plays allowed 5:05 EST St. Louis/NY RANGERS 6 OVER +100 St. Louis/NY RANGERS 6 UNDER -120 St. Louis +.5 -140 NY RANGERS -.5 +120 St. Louis +100 NY RANGERS -120 5:05...
  2. Nfl high stakes contest

    Hey everyone, Underdobs here. I am looking to start a contest I usually run it locally but i've had a few guys drop out over the past couple years. Here's how it goes: How it works is you pick from the 32 teams based on sign ups and draft those most likely to win games in the 2020 regular...
  3. Betonline

    UFC 102 Fight Card Challenge

    <style> BODY {background-color:#f2f5fe;margin:0px 2px;font-family:MS Shell Dlg 2;direction:ltr;word-wrap:break-word;color:#000000;font-size:9pt;overflow:auto;} DIV#ColorBandedheader {background-color:#ffffff;} DIV#ColorBandedcontent {background-color:#ffffff;} </style> Hey RX Members, We...
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