1. chevycola

    Chevycola's 2019 NCAA FOOTBALL picks

    August 23rd Florida -7 @-105 (105/100) 5Dimes Some offshores have bumped this to -7.5 already - and I expect the other books to move in that direction. Get in early and don't get bit by the hook.
  2. OzCap

    Oz's NCAAB thread...

    Boring title... Those that know me from my statf0x (is that a swear word here?) days (about 10 years ago) and some other smaller forums will vouch for me, but I have been capping and doing stats analysis for about 15 years now, I am not going to brag about huge %'s and units, but my methods are...
  3. birdbouchard

    Week 1 Picks - Fell Free To Add!

    Hey guys, so here is what I am thinking so far. Please feel free to let me know what you think of the picks and also add if you have any :) Ohio State -14 Alabama -26 Georgia -7.5 Arkansas +21 Wisconsin +4 I have all my reasonings for this on my youtube channel. If you want to check it out...
  4. Who are your Final Four Teams>

    Who are your final 4 teams? Mine are: Duke, New Mexico, Georgetown & Miami.

    WIN-A-DAY Long Thread

    Hi guys, Just starting out the new NCAAB year I decided to join RX. Never have I posted picks to a forum before, but decided to after I have been visiting and reading posts for years on SBR. I have been Picking and capping for 3 years now in NCAAB, NFL, NBA and NCAAF. Have never had a losing...
  6. What's the best game of the week?

    There are a lot of great games tis weekend. I voted for Alabama vs Arkansas as the biggest game of the week on this poll: College Football, Week 4: What's your must see game of the week? I don't think the Notre Dame game is that big, but the other 3 are all huge!!! It's going to be a great weekend