binary options

  1. Is There A Good Betting Exchange For US Players

    Please advise. I miss being able to post offers. OG
  2. THE GURU Cometh - Hoops Cash For The Taking!

    Hot so far this year. I use fundamental analysis... Follow recruits and talent levels and check with regularly. This is how I earn my living. I play on an exchange and low vig book ( not pinny). My strategy entails betting the whole board, but I will give my top two or three here...
  3. Trader XP and Binary Options

    6.22.11 I'm a rookie investor, following a system for binary options trading. I was in for 30 days from April 4th and requested a withdrawal on May the 6th. The good thing is that the system worked, and I made about $3500 in 30 days. I was able to get my initial investment back on my Bank...
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