1. khoanguyen7595

    Offering my Betus 6k referral bonus fully verified

    Betus 300% referral offer 2k max X 3 referrals . 6k total. This is my first post , there’s a lot of ideas/offers I would consider . We could switch accounts , if there’s a good referral offer on other site or account. Second is i take the new deposit account and you take mine
  2. Apparently Betus is going bankrupt, if you have an account with them; TAKE YOUR MONEY OUT!!!

    they released over 75% of their crew, eliminating the hole marketing department, wagering floor was reduced to 5 clerks to cover all the calls, they fired me 3 weeks ago and eventhough im pregnant and a single mother of two, they havent paid me one miserable cent, theyve been telling me to call...
  3. BetUS constant calling

    So I opened an account with BetUS early this week and I have yet to deposit money into them and they have been blowing up my phone (shows up as Unknown), been calling like 3-4 times a day I'll deposit when I feel like depositing. I guess I'll stick with my Greek account for now Anyone else...
  4. Fraud at BETUS

    How much do you really know about Do you know it for a fact or just by rumor? Maybe you have an account with or you had one. Do you remember me? I'm the account manager you knew as "Sal". The only American in the whole company. Well let me give you a taste of the Real...
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