Betfairpoker Free Million Dollar Game - Great chance at winning a Million.

    Guys: I know you've heard it all before...but... Canadians, this is probably the easiest chance at a Million you will ever have to sit down to represent Canada at a table with 14 others where 1 of you walks away with a million dollars (USD). This is the first WSOP Europe event this year as...

    Canadian Sorel Mizzi (Betfair-sponsored pro) Eliminated in 5th Place (AU$37,895)

    Sorel Mizzi Eliminated in 5th Place (AU$37,895) By (Well done to Torontonian Sorel Mizzi who gets 2009 off to a great start!) Jonathan Karamalikis opened from the cutoff to 10,500 and with Sorel Mizzi on the button he popped it up to a further 28,500. The blinds passed and...

    Betfairpoker 100K Guaranteed NL - Huge Overlay

    Hi guys: By I am seeing a pretty big Overlay so far in the 100K Guaranteed this Sunday on betfairpoker. #188023 I've seen these situations before... For all you big Canadian tourney players out there, I would simply keep an eye out for this one and be ready to pull the trigger...