best nfl odds


    (Better Odds = Bigger Wins) The best odds for Week 3 NFL

    Hey guys: I'll be posting the best odds for today. I assume the BEST odds will be on either Pinnacle or Betfair. And remember, at Betfair, even though you can bet on sports in the traditional way, you are betting against others - eliminating the need for a bookmaker and their profit margin...

    Betting on the iPad

    Betting on the iPad (Click here for full story) Gambling Online Magazine However, in May, Betfair become the first major betting company to offer a ... The iPad was released in the UK (and Australia, Canada, France, Germany, ...

    Cool article from Betfair Education Department on "Streak theory" For you math geeks out there...This article from Betfair Education talks about the misconception of Regression to the Mean.

    Who will win the Super Bowl? The Public Money

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