american shame

  1. barman

    Won't Get Fooled Again!! (or will you?)

    Iran Nuclear Coverage Echoes Iraq War Media Frenzy NEW YORK -- Military strikes expected! Weapons inspectors called in! A murky al Qaeda connection! And Cheney says time's up for Ira... Wait. Haven't we seen this movie before? It's already been a decade since the media...
  2. barman

    U.S. Military Now Murdering Funeral Attendees

    Playing Lee Greenwood music right now could possibly enhance your cyber experience in a dark, super fucked-up way ------------------------- U.S. drones targeting rescuers and mourners On December 30 of last year, ABC News reported on a 16-year-old Pakistani boy, Tariq Khan, who...
  3. barman

    U.S. Military now saying "Oops!" avg twice a day or more

    Afghanistan Civilian Deaths: 2011 Was Deadliest Year For Civilians In Afghan War KABUL, Afghanistan -- Last year was the deadliest on record for civilians in the Afghan war, with 3,021 killed as insurgents ratcheted up violence with suicide attacks and roadside bombs, the United...
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