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WynnBet Sportsbook Review

Wednesday, March 15, 2023
WynnBet Homepage

WynnBet is a sportsbook that is a part of the Wynn Resorts brand. As a company, the brand is renowned for luxury hotels and casinos here in the U.S. and overseas. They own the three largest Forbes Five-Star resorts in the world. This gives WynnBet customers an idea of the standard the company has set for itself with its offerings.

WynnBet is currently available in nine U.S. markets with more on the way in the near future. They have already signed brand ambassador deals with superstars like NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. They’ve also signed deals with most of the top leagues in the country like the NBA and NFL among others.

WynnBet gets new customers started with a $100 welcome bonus. In order to qualify, you need to make a $100 wager with odds of -120 or higher and you will receive a $100 bonus bet. The bonus bet will expire after ten days and can only be used on events with odds of -150 or higher.

We will be covering WynnBet’s history which is tied directly to its parent company Wynn Resorts. You will also be given detailed information about the types of bets that they offer as well as their other services like banking, promotions and much more.


  • Owned by one of the world’s biggest casino brands
  • High betting limits compared to competitors
  • Competitive odds market


  • Welcome bonus not as generous as some competitors
  • Several offers have high-risk terms making them less valuable

Sportsbook Industry Leader

WynnBet’s parent company Wynn Resorts gives them a global presence in the industry. They’ve already quickly inked sponsorship deals with most of the top leagues in the U.S. despite only being founded in 2020. The rapid growth is part of what the brand is known for and they currently live in nine states with more to follow in the near future.

Below are a few of the sponsorship deals WynnBet currently has with franchises in the United States:

• Cincinnati Reds
• Colorado Rockies
• New York Jets
• Detroit Lions
• Indianapolis Colts

What types of bets can I place at WynnBet?

Wynn Bet offers all of the sports betting options that you would expect and more. We will cover the most popular bet types and give some insight into how they work in case you might not be familiar with them.

Futures Bets

Futures are bets made on events that happen at a later date. The length of time can vary but they usually are at least a few weeks if not months down the road. This differs from straight bets in the sense that sports that are played daily usually have odds available only 24 hours or less before the event. For weekly sports, the odds are available a few days before depending on the quality of the sportsbook in question.

Futures are different because you can see the odds for an upcoming event way before it arrives. Futures bets can be single games, tournaments or even end-of-season awards.

The majority of future markets have plus odds which means you win more than the amount you risk. Of course, there are also futures markets with higher win probability (meaning the odds pay less) but those are the exception, not the rule.

An example of an odds market that has a lower payout but better odds to win is team win totals. You can bet “over” or “under” for any team to win a certain amount of games that are predetermined by oddsmakers. Those markets offer less of a payout because making an educated guess on how many games a team is going to win is far easier than predicting who will win the Super Bowl.

When you place a futures bet on a single event like the Super Bowl, you do not know who will be playing in the game which means you are taking a much bigger risk. Like all forms of gambling, the bigger the risk, the better the payout. 

You can also get action on things like; League MVP, Rookie of The Year and Coach of the Year. These are just a few examples of end-of-season awards. Individuals can have futures based on statistical achievements as well, like, being the leading scorer and rebounder in the NBA or being the touchdowns and interceptions leader in the NFL.

There are also team-oriented futures like team win totals, division winners and conference winners as well as odds to make the playoffs. There are simply too many options in the futures market to list them all here which is what makes it so appealing to bettors.


Parlays account for 25% percent of the sports betting handle in regulated markets, second only to straight bets. That makes sense because these wagers give players the opportunity to win big without risking as much as they would need to with a straight bet.

Of course, sportsbooks love this because parlays have low odds of winning. The most basic parlay involves two teams and has a win probability of just under 28%. The more teams you add to your parlay, the more it pays. At the same time, the more teams you add, the less chance it has of winning.

In short, a parlay is one wager made up of a series of straight bets. Therefore, a parlay consists of two or more bets grouped together to give you a better payout. If one of the single bets in your parlay loses, the entire parlay is a loss.

You can bet up to 25 teams in your parlay where the payout odds become astronomical. A two-team parlay with -110 odds on each pick pays approximately +260. That same parlay with ten teams pays approximately +72,000.

Parlays are flexible and there are ways to get bigger payouts or the opposite in the sense that you get a smaller payout but a higher win probability. A good example of a parlay that has a higher win probability would be an NFL bet where a team is a -7 favorite.

If you wanted to pick that team just to win, meaning you bet them on the moneyline and not the spread, the price is -300. A $100 bet on a moneyline of -300 wins you $33. A very popular type of parlay among sharp bettors is to take two heavy favorites and parlay them to get better odds.

If you had two teams that you liked at -300 and you decided to parlay them, that would pay approximately -130. A $100 bet on -130 wins you $77 which is much better than the $33 you would win on your straight bet. It has to be noted that while this example is a way of getting better odds, all parlays are inherently risky because they involve several outcomes. In the above example, the win probability is 56.5% which is much higher than 28% which is what it would be with two teams on the spread instead of the moneyline.

You can parlay, spread, moneylines, totals or a combination of all three. Just like sharp players like to bet heavy favorites on the moneyline to get better odds, recreational players love that they can put a few underdogs on the same parlay and win huge amounts of money for very little risk. If we change the previous example to a two-team parlay of teams that are +300 underdogs instead of -300 favorites, that same parlay goes from -130 all the way to +1500.

Meaning a $10 bet on that two-team parlay would pay you $150. As you can see, parlays allow you to get very creative, especially because they can involve multiple sports as well. They offer big paydays while risking small amounts of money.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are a favorite of sports bettors because you can get action on the game without having to pick a side. A prop bet is a wager on a specific event taking place during a contest. Most props are independent of the final outcome of the contest itself with a few specific exceptions.

For example, you can bet on an NFL team to win by 7-11 points. In this example, even though your wager is on the outcome of the game, there is a range of outcomes that can win you the bet making it different from a straight bet. For this reason, prop bets can be more attractive to a lot of players than traditional odds markets.

This is especially true during popular sports events like the Super Bowl or the World Cup where online sportsbooks offer sports bets on countless events that have nothing to do with the game itself.

One of the more popular bets at the Super Bowl is “how long will the national anthem be”; you can choose over or under a predetermined amount of time. Even if you’ve never watched an NFL game in your life, there are some bet options for you.

With so much flexibility, the props market has exponential room for growth. On a given weekend, you are likely to find hundreds of props available to bet on.

These are examples of the types of player and team props you can find at WynnBet:

  • Total Points
  • Total Rebounds
  • Total Assists
  • Team to score first
  • What type of score will happen first (touchdown or field goal)
  • Will the final score be an even or odd number
  • Will playER X score more than player Y?
  • Will there be more than X amount of touchdowns scored by both teams

Round Robins

A round robin is one bet made up of multiple parlays. They can range from 3-10 and depending on the number of teams you select; you make as many parlays as possible with those picks.

For the sake of simplicity, we will use a three-team round-robin in our example. Round-robin bets with more teams can get really big with a 5-team round-robin having 26 parlay possibilities.

The big difference between a round-robin and a parlay is that if one of the picks loses, the round-robin is still alive whereas a parlay would be a loss.

An example of a three leg round robin would be the following:

  • Duke -3 (-110)
  • Kansas -5 (-110)
  • UCLA -1 (-110)

Instead of placing these three teams in one parlay, a round-robin will take all three and make as many two-team parlays as possible:

Parlay 1:

  • Duke -3 (-110)
  • Kansas -5 (-110)

Parlay 2:

  • Duke -3 (-110)
  • UCLA -1 (-110)

Parlay 3:

  • Kansas -5 (-110)
  • UCLA -1 (-110)

If you were to go 2 for 3 as in two of your three picks win but one loses, you would still make a profit. In a parlay, one loss means you lose everything. One thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that round robins are more expensive than traditional parlays. The reason for that is you are risking something on multiple parlays. In the above example, there are three parlays and if you risked $100 on each, your round-robin would cost $300 in risk.

If Duke were to lose in the round-robin, for example, you would lose two of the parlays but you would still come out ahead. If you lost both parlays that involved Duke (parlay 1 and parlay 2) you would lose $200 total. You would win parlay 3 which pays +260 (that is the standard payout of a two-team parlay with both teams at -110). In that case, you won $260 and lost $200 (260-200=60) netting you a $60 profit. This is the appeal of betting round robins instead of parlays.

Straight Bets


The most basic bet that you can make. A moneyline bet is for a team to win or lose. In sports like soccer and hockey, there is a third result, a tie, which is known in the industry as a push.

When betting on a favorite, you will risk more than you win.

  • The odds for a favorite will have a minus sign in front of it.

When betting on an underdog, you will win more than you risk.

  • The odds for an underdog will have a plus sign in front of it.

When betting on a moneyline with no favorite, that is known as Even Money or a Pick’Em.

  • Even money is represented by the price of +100.

Point Spread

Betting on point spreads is the most common type of wager for football and basketball.

A point spread is a handicap between the favorite and the underdog represented by a predetermined number set by oddsmakers.

The standard price for a spread is -110. This is known as juice in the industry.

Some sportsbooks may offer reduced juice which means you may see -105. There are instances where the juice may be higher for several reasons. In that case, you may see -120 or higher.

An example of a spread in the NFL would be Cowboys vs. Chiefs where the Chiefs are -9.5. This would make the line for the Cowboys +9.5 which means they are the underdogs.

If you pick the favorite (Chiefs), they need to win by more than 9.5, meaning the Chiefs need to win by 10 points or more to win the bet.

If you pick the underdog (Cowboys), if they win, you win your bet. However, if they lose, you can still win your bet as long they lose by less than 9.5. Meaning if the Cowboys lose by 9 or less, you still win your bet.

If you get a spread that does not have a half point attached (i.e. -9 instead of -9.5 for the Chiefs), this would be the only time a spread bet can end in a tie also known in the industry as a push. If the Chiefs won the bet in the above example by exactly 9 (which means the Cowboys lost by 9), both bets would be considered a push and you would get your money back.

Total (Over/Under)

A total bet is a wager on the total number of points scored in a contest between both sides. Your choices are over or under the total.

Totals usually include a half point to avoid a push just like spreads

An example of a total bet would be a football game involving Michigan vs Ohio State, Total 56 points

  • If you take the over, then the combined score between both teams needs to be 57 or more.
  • If you take the under, then the combined score between both teams needs to be 55 or less.
  • If the combined score is 56, this would be considered a push and you would get your money back.


Teasers are parlays that give you better odds to win with a lower payout. The better odds come in the form of points given to the spread you choose. The points usually start at 6 with football and 4 with basketball. If you pick a favorite, you would subtract the points from the pregame odds. If you take an underdog, you would add the points to the odds. Teasers usually range from 6-10 points.

Below is a two-team parlay that will be turned into a two-team six-point teaser:

Original odds:

  • Mavs -2.5
  • Clippers +7.5

Pays +260

Two Team Six-point teaser:

  • Mavs +3.5
  • Clippers +13.5

Pays -110

In the above example, when the teaser was applied to the Mavs, it took their odds from favorites to underdogs while also making the Clippers a double-digit cushion as underdogs. When betting on a teaser, you subtract points from the favorite’s original odds while adding them to the underdog’s which gives you a better chance of winning. This is the reason teasers pay less than parlays.

WynnBet Live Betting

WynnBet has a strong live betting market. They offer odds on all of the top leagues from around the world like the NFL, NBA, Champions League, English Premier League, NCAA football and much more. As a global brand, they do a nice job of incorporating leagues from several countries while also making sure customers in the U.S. have the best odds on their respective leagues.

WynnBet Rewards & Betting Promos

WynnBet’s signup bonus gives players a $100 bet credit. To qualify, you just need to make a $100 wager with odds of -120 or longer. The $100 comes in the form of a single bonus bet and has a one-time playthrough requirement.

There are other offers for existing players as well. They have a parlay bonus where you can boost the payout on selected parlays. You can usually find the offer directly on the homepage of the site and the mobile app as well. The offer varies and you should log in from your home state to see what deal you are eligible for.

There’s also a promotion involving live bets where if you make multiple wagers of a minimum amount, you receive bonus bets. Again these offers are constantly changing so the best place to find out the exact details is on the WynnBet site. One promotion that is very specific is the Wynn Hour. That’s a promotion whereby every Tuesday and Thursday between 5 p.m. ET and 6 p.m., you will be offered reduced juice line on high-profile games with reduced juice during those hours.

One very exclusive perk that WynnBet customers can enjoy is the promos that are tied to their sponsorship deals and presence in the hotel industry. Players in New Jersey and New York for example can get access to WynnBet’s exclusive Green Room Luxury Lounge, located at MetLife Stadium, home of the Jets and Giants of the NFL. Players who claim the $100 welcome bonus will be entered in a drawing to win two tickets to a Jets home game and Green Room access as well.

There’s also a promo that you can usually find during PGA Tournament events. WynnBets offers players the chance to win two nights at Wynn Las Vegas which is a five-star hotel. Winners would also receive a free round of golf at Wynn Golf Club. To be eligible, all you need to do is bet $100 on a PGA Tournament during a specific period which will be given to you by WynnBet. These are the type of exclusive deals that other sportsbooks simply aren’t able to offer.

Wynn Rewards

Wynn Rewards is the loyalty program at WynnBet. In addition to the wide selection of betting markets, WynnBet operates a chain of elite casino resorts.

The rewards program is geared towards offering exclusive casino bonuses and event experiences.

While this sports betting operator does also have online casino games, this rewards program is not related to online casino gaming or online sports betting.

Bonus Bets

There are a lot of different ways to earn bonus bets with WynnBet. You always need to place qualifying bets to redeem these bonus bets. For example, you can bet $50 on a four-leg parlay to get a $10 bet credit and place two separate $50 live bets to receive another $10 bet credit.

Banking at WynnBet Sportsbook

WynnBet has a wide variety of banking options.

Here are the available deposit options at WynnBet:

  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover
  • Online bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Cash at retail locations
  • eCheck
  • Wire Transfer
  • PayNearMe
  • Play+ Prepaid card
  • GAMEON Prepaid card

Here are the withdrawal methods at WynnBet:

  • PayPal
  • Cash at retail locations
  • eCheck
  • Check via mail
  • Play+ Prepaid card

Both deposits and withdrawals can be completed directly on the WynnBet app or on the desktop version of the site. The minimum deposit is $10.

Most of the withdrawal options take approximately 48 hours with the exception of mailed checks due to the wait time involved with courier services. The minimum for WynnBet withdrawals is $20 and there are a few methods that come with no fees depending on how you’ve deposited.

Please note that some withdrawal methods may not be available in certain states. You can review the options available to you by going to the withdrawal page.

WynnBet Sportsbook App

WynnBet has a fantastic mobile betting app with some very modern features. For example, face ID is available which is something that can not be said for a lot of competing sportsbook apps. You know that your personal information and funds are secure should you choose to take advantage of this feature.

The WynnBet app is available for download for both iOS and Android users in their respective app stores. The app is loaded with user-friendly features to help make placing a wager as easy as possible. There’s a live betting score tracker that updates you on what is going on with a pending wager for example.

The layout is very user-friendly with a navigation menu located at the top where you can find all of the sports betting markets you are looking for. There’s another menu located at the top left-hand corner of the app that gives you information about your account, like allowing you to see your pending withdrawals or reach out to customer support. 

Please note that the WynnBet app is unique for each state where they operate as each jurisdiction has its own set of rules and regulations regarding offers.

Download the WynnBet Sportsbook App

You can download the WynnBet app at the Google Play store for Android users and the Apple Store for iOS devices.

Downloading the WynnBet app is the same procedure as any of the apps already on your smartphone.

WynnBet Sportsbook App Features

  • Live updates on games where you have a pending wager
  • Access to exclusive Bet Wynn promos for resorts and live events

WynnBet Sportsbook Customer Service

WynnBet’s customer service can be reached via live chat 24 hours a day on the WynnBet app. There is also a direct phone number that players can use when needing additional assistance. Their support team can also be reached via email with each state having a designated email address to send in any questions or concerns.

Where is WynnBet Sportsbook legal?

WynnBet is currently live in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

WynnBet Sportsbook Overview

WynnBet sportsbook was founded in 2020 and belongs to Wynn Interactive which is a subsidiary of Wynn Resorts who are developers of high-end hotels and casinos. Wynn Resorts was founded in 2002 by Steve Wynn who was the former chairman at Mirage Resorts. Wynn Resorts owns properties in Las Vegas, Boston and internationally in the resort city of Macau.

The company’s first project was the Wynn Las Vegas which opened in 2005. Their second project, Wynn Macau, opened in 2006 and is currently one of the biggest-grossing casinos in Asia. Encore, which is an extension of Wynn Las Vegas, opened in 2008 at a cost of $2.3 billion. A second Encore at Wynn Macau was opened in 2010 becoming the company’s second international hotel. Like Encore in Las Vegas, the one in Macau is attached to the Wynn resort. A second resort was opened in Macau called the Wynn Palace in 2016. Encore Boston Harbor opened in 2019 becoming the third hotel in the U.S. and the first domestic hotel and casino outside of Las Vegas for Wynn Resorts.

With such an extensive background in the casino resort business, WynnBet became the company’s next venture after the repeal of PASPA in 2018. Much like its parent company, WynnBet has hit the ground running having launched in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Tennessee and Virginia. They also have a partnership deal with multiple major sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB and NASCAR.

WynnBet Sportsbook FAQ

Is WynnBet Sportsbook legit?

WynnBet is owned by Wynn Resorts which is one of the biggest resort and casino operators in the world. Wynn Resorts owns several five-star properties around the world making WynnBet legit.

How do I create a WynnBet Sportsbook account?

Here are the steps for creating an account at WynnBet Sports:

• Click through to WynnBet Sportsbook from to redeem the welcome bonus and create your account. We keep up with ongoing promotions and always attach the best promo codes to your account when you sign up with an online sports betting site.
• You can click “Register” in the top right-hand corner of the home page; alternatively, you can select your state from the drop-down in the middle of the page and select “Sign up now.”
• Select a username and create a password
• You will need to enter your full legal name, date of birth, phone number and current address and more.
• You may only create one online sports betting account per player.
• After you have verified your identity, you’re ready to make your initial deposit; remember, if you’re hoping to receive a deposit match bonus, you will need to make sure that you are aware of the deposit limits to qualify as well as if you’ll need to make a qualifying wager.

How long does WynnBet Sportsbook take to verify identity?

The process of identifying your identity is quick as long as you send the required documents to get that process completed. All regulated online sportsbooks will require proof of identification in the form of a government-issued ID as well as proof of address in the form of a recent utility bill with your name on it.

Is the WynnBet Sportsbook app legal to use?

The WynnBet mobile sportsbook app is legal to use in nine states that have already authorized mobile sports betting and the use of mobile sports betting apps. As more legal sports betting markets open across the country,  both retail sportsbooks and sports betting apps will become available.

How do I contact WynnBet customer service?

WynnBet customer service can be reached 24 hours a day via live chat, email or phone.

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