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Top Sportsbooks with Reduced Juice

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Sports bettors can unlock a variety of benefits if they sign up with sportsbooks that offer reduced juice betting lines. These online sports betting operators take a significantly lower house edge than the majority of their rivals. That means you will earn larger profits if you place a successful bet, so it can seriously enhance your chances of long-term success.

However, reduced juice markets are rare. We have highlighted the best sportsbook that regularly offers reduced juice promotions on this page. We will also explain the concept of reduced juice sports betting in greater detail, so read on to learn more about the advantages it provides versus traditional sportsbook bonus promos.

Best Reduced Juice Betting Site


WynnBet Homepage

WynnBET is a user-friendly sports betting app that launched in 2020. It allows customers to bet on football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer, tennis, MMA, boxing and motorsports quickly and efficiently. New customers receive a bet $100, get $100 welcome bonus, and it also offers a range of weekly Bonus Bet promos. This online sportsbook pays out quickly and it has a competitive rewards program too, but its most impressive feature is the company’s willingness to offer reduced juice lines.

Every Thursday, WynnBET runs a promotion called Wynn Hour, which offers reduced juice lines on a variety of games. Point spreads, totals and moneylines are all covered by this promotion, and you can find some very appealing odds. For example, it regularly offers -108 on either side of point spreads and totals. That represents a 20% discount on the standard juice -110 lines available at most sportsbooks.

WynnBET provides some highly attractive moneylines too. We have found MLB moneylines with a house edge of just 1.56%, whereas most rivals take a house edge of at least 4%, so it is always worth including WynnBET in any odds comparisons. The reduced juice lines are available each Thursday, but you will often spot discounted lines on other days of the week too. For that reason, we recommend visiting WynnBET regularly to look for these low vigorish lines. You will also earn Wynn Rewards points each time you place a bet, which you can trade in for Bonus Bet credits and other rewards when you hit certain milestones.


  • Runs reduced juice lines each Thursday through Wynn Hour promo
  • Low juice lines on various sports throughout the week
  • User-friendly mobile app and simple website
  • Processes payout requests quickly


  • WynnBET only takes bets on 10 sports
  • Does not offer features such as live streaming and statistics

What is reduced juice?

The most common betting options are point spreads and totals on football games and basketball games. Most sportsbooks charge a uniform house edge of 4.77% on these betting options. This is a typical line at a standard juice sportsbook:

  • New England Patriots -2.5 (-110)
  • New York Jets +2.5 (-110)

You would need to lay down $110 of your personal funds on either team to cover the spread in order to generate a $100 profit. Standard juice sportsbooks do not always offer betting odds of -110 on both sides of a bet, but they provide similar lines, such as -112 / -108 or -115 / -105.

A reduced juice sportsbook stands out by offering odds that are more appealing than -110 on both sides of the bet. This is an example of a reduced juice betting line:

  • New England Patriots -2.5 (-107)
  • New York Jets +2.5 (-107)

In this case, you only need to lay down $107 on either team to cover the spread in order to generate a $100 profit. That means the house edge has dropped from 4.77% to just 3.36%.

If you regularly bet on reduced juice lines, you need to place fewer winning bets to earn a long-term profit, which is a huge benefit for sports bettors. When betting on standard juice odds, you need to win at least 53% of your bets to end up in profit, whereas that drops closer to 50% if you place wagers on reduced juice betting sites.

Reduced juice is not restricted to spreads and totals, as you can find reduced juice moneylines too, particularly on MLB games. You will rarely find reduced juice lines on props, but it is always worth comparing the odds available to lock in the most appealing lines on the market.

Pros & Cons of Reduced Juice Betting

The benefits of reduced juice sports betting are clear. You will earn a larger profit if you place a winning bet on a reduced juice line compared to a standard juice line. That compounds in the long term, and it can ensure you earn a profit over the course of a season rather than incurring a loss.

However, there can be a few drawbacks too. Online betting sites must operate on slimmer margins than rivals to provide reduced juice markets, and that may force them to cut back on other expenses. For that reason, they may use more basic software than rivals, or they may offer smaller bonuses, lower wagering limits, fewer betting markets and reduced customer service hours.

That can be the case with a pure play reduced juice sportsbook, such as SBK, which offers very appealing odds. However, PointsBet manages to offer reduced juice lines while still providing slick software, features including live streaming, a large welcome bonus, a loyalty program and more betting markets than any other sportsbook, so that is a very appealing combination.

FAQ – Reduced Juice Sports Betting

How is reduced juice different from bonuses?

Reduced juice simply means that an online sportsbook is taking a lower house edge on its betting lines than the majority of rivals. A standard juice sportsbook offers -110 on either side of its betting lines, whereas a reduced juice sportsbook may offer -107 or -105 on either side.

This is not a bonus. It is a feature of the sportsbook, which is operating on slimmer margins than its rivals. Bonus offers are different, as they provide you with Bonus Bet credits, odds boosts on markets like parlays or props, or a rebate if your wager loses, up to certain betting limits.

What’s better: reduced juice or a bonus?

Most seasoned bettors would agree that reduced juice odds are superior to bonuses. Your winnings are larger when you bet at reduced juice lines, and you need to win fewer wagers to generate a long-term profit. For many bettors, that is more appealing than a sign-up bonus or regular promotions.

Reduced juiced sportsbooks tend to have lower betting limits and offer fewer sports betting bonuses, though. The long-term profit that you can earn with reduced juice markets may bring you less in profits than a sportsbook with a good deposit bonus or reload bonus; it depends on your betting style.

Why are online sportsbooks with reduced juice so rare?

It is difficult to operate a reduced juice sportsbook. Operators need to cover their overheads, pay their staff and generate a profit, so they build a house edge into their lines. Reduced juice sportsbooks take a lower house edge, so they need to find savings elsewhere if they are to consistently provide highly attractive odds and remain in business.

What’s the difference between reduced juice and low vig?

There is no difference between reduced juice and low vig. They both refer to a sportsbook taking a lower house edge on betting lines than most rivals. Vig is an abbreviation for vigorish, which is another word for juice.

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