Win Before You Bet at SBK

100 dollar bill us currency
General view of USD 100 bills. Luis Robayo/AFP

Don’t get us wrong: risk-free bets are great. And there are plenty of sportsbooks out there that offer them. But, when push comes to shove, a risk-free bet—even a super generous one—only gets you back to break-even.

Even better than a risk-free first bet offer is not having to risk anything and just taking a payout in pure profit.

That’s what SBK is offering for its latest promotion for new users. If you make a deposit in your account, you get paid.

Deposit 10, Get 100

It’s a compelling offer. If you create a new account and deposit $10, you get $100 in free bets. Money for (almost) nothing.

You don’t need to bet your $10 or risk it in any way. Just by depositing it, you immediately increase it elevenfold.

Where else can you multiply your money that fast with no risk?

Fine Print

You need to be 21 or older and residing in a state where SBK operates. Currently, that includes:

• Colorado

• Indiana

And you need to be a new customer. If anyone else in your immediate family has an account with SBK already, you can’t get the promotion.

Depositing more than $10 doesn’t get you any additional free bets. A $10 deposit and a $150 deposit both get you the same $100 in freebies.

The free bets expire after 90 days. You can use them in denominations of $2, $5, or $10.

Since they’re free bets, you can’t simply withdraw the $100 as cash, you need to bet them. If you win on a free bet, you get to keep the winnings and withdraw it, but you don’t get to keep the stake.

For example, if you use $10 in free bet credits and win at +300, you win an additional $30. But you can’t add $40 to your bankroll. You can add the $30 you won, but the $10 free bet is not returned.