What Responsible Gambling Measures Do Online Sportsbooks Offer?

A man poses for a photograph with the online gambling website Bet365 displayed on a smartphone. Paul Ellis /AFP

Regulated online sportsbooks are required to create dedicated responsible gambling sections within their apps and websites. You can click on the “RG” logo at the top of a sportsbook homepage to see a list of the responsible gambling measures you can take advantage of:

Deposit Limits

You can impose specific deposit limits upon your account, which can help you gamble responsibly and practice sensible bankroll management. The deposit limit can be daily, weekly, or monthly. If you would like to decrease your limit, you can do so immediately. However, if you want to increase your limit, you generally need to wait for 24 hours for approval. This is designed to stop bettors from making impulsive decisions in the heat of the moment.

Spend Limits

This is similar to a deposit limit, but it focuses on the amount you are able to wager within a particular timeframe – daily, weekly, or monthly. It covers all funds in your account, including money you have deposited and money you have won from previous bets.

Time Limits

You can set the maximum time – measured in hours – that you are able to spend playing at an online sportsbook. The time is measured from your log in to log off. When you hit the time limit, your session will be cut off.

Cool Off

You can take a break from your sportsbook account, which is known as a cooling-off period. It can last from three to 30 days. During this time, you will be unable to access your account, and access will be reinstated when the period has expired.


It is also possible to self-exclude from all online sportsbooks in your state. For example, you can go to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement offices and fill in the forms. You will then be banned from all online sportsbooks, casinos, racebooks, DFS sites, and poker sites for one year or five years, depending upon the option you choose. The process is similar in other states.

Helpful Institutions

Online sportsbooks provide links to external organizations that can help if you fear you have a gambling problem. They include the National Council on Problem Gambling, which can be accessed by calling 1-800-522-4700 or visiting www.ncpgambling.org. There are also specific Council on Compulsive Gambling institutions and Gamblers Anonymous institutions in each state.

How to Prevent Harmful Gambling

Most sportsbooks provide you with a questionnaire, which can help you figure out whether you have a gambling problem. They also debunk certain myths associated with gambling, such as “If I play multiple games at a time, I’ll increase my chances of winning” or “My luck will change if I keep gambling and I’m sure I’ll win my money back”.

They also tend to provide you with a list of warning signs, such as sacrificing work or family time to gamble, borrowing money to gamble, or using it as an emotional escape.

The best sportsbooks provide tips on how to gamble responsibly, such as this advice from Caesars Sportsbook:

  1. Gaming is just for fun, not a way of earning money.
  2. Only play when you are relaxed and concentrated.
  3. Take regular breaks.
  4. Keep track of your gambling. Consult the overview of your gaming transactions in your account.
  5. Decide your monthly gaming stake in advance. Only gamble what you can afford to lose.
  6. Independently of our standard deposit limits, you may set a lower amount as your own personal limit.
  7. Do not increase the maximum limit which you have decided for yourself later.
  8. Before you start playing, decide the winning amount at which you will end the game.
  9. Decide beforehand how high your losses can be.
  10. Never play under the influence of alcohol or medication.
  11. Never play if you are feeling depressed.