Virginia Is for Lovers of Sports Betting

The mascot for the Virginia Tech Hokies performs for the crowd. Stacy Revere/Getty Images/AFP

Top sportsbooks are loving life in Virginia where the likes of FanDuel, BetMGM, Caesars, PointsBet, and Unibet operate.

The state’s many legal sportsbooks have been offering a lot of action and finding a lot of excited customers.

Here is a report on the current financial record of sports betting in Virginia, which is a newsworthy topic right now because the state just released its numbers for February.


One has to put Virginia’s February in some context. While the Super Bowl is obviously a huge event, there was only one game in February.

One NFL game, no matter how big it is, cannot rival the strong number of NFL games that were played throughout the month of January.

Plus, there was the NBA All-Star Break which included teams going several days without playing a game.

Given these circumstances, the sports schedule was relatively unfriendly to sportsbook operators throughout the United States.

Still Impressive 

Virginia sportsbooks’ performance in February is still impressive because it reflects a strong perpetuation of success.

For the fourth straight month, sports wagering online amounted to over 400 million dollars in Virginia. 

From a national standpoint, this is a relatively high-level handle. Online sports betting is all there is in Virginia at the moment. 

While casinos are being planned, the state is thriving with its reliance on online performance. Looking to the future, March offered an NBA schedule without an All-Star break and March Madness is a huge event that, unlike the Super Bowl, lasts a long time.

Plus, there was one major Virginia college basketball team making a run in March as the Hokies won the ACC Tournament and thereby qualified for the NCAA Tournament.

So, in terms of sports bettingMarch should be another strong month. We’ll find out when the numbers are released.