Get that stinkin’ box off the screen

One of my many pet peeves about watching sports on television are the graphics pasted all over the screen by directors who believe they are enhancing the viewer’s experience.

At the beginning of the current baseball season the folks at ESPN decided that we need a small white box, called the K-Zone, superimposed above home plate on EVERY PITCH so we can see if the pitch is in or out of the strike zone.

I can’t begin to tell you how irritating that has become, especially if it is a high-scoring game where the pitch count surpasses 400. Even the most novice baseball fan knows where the strike zone is.

Can’t we just see that box on borderline pitches and keep the screen clear of more clutter?

It also irritates me when the network places a bloated graphic plugging a program that is on the horizon, sometimes not until the next week.  I don’t want to see Fox Sports plugging a dating reality program while there are bases loaded with two out.

PLEASE, let us watch the game without all these graphics filling the screen every two seconds.

The following poll gives you a chance to tell us what you think.

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4 comments On Get that stinkin’ box off the screen

  • A dating realty program? Now there’s a new concept.

  • I don’t mind the K-Box, but about the plugs I completely agree.

  • The worst idea ever! I hate it. And it seems like most peeople do. Why aren’t they listening? It’s destracting and it’s unnecessary. Not to mention, a little condescending. Do we really need the strike zone pointed out to us? And why do they want to make it look a video game? It’s reality – it’s okay to look like it. Let us see the game the way it was meant to be seen.
    In fact, it’s the 3rd inning of game between my two favorite teams and I’m changing the channel because this sucks!

  • Tired as hell of these sports graphics. Never liked it in football, HATE IT in baseball. STOP IT ESPN!!! The game is fine without you ruining it

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