Things Are Still Complicated in Kansas

Kansas Jayhawks mascot NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
The Kansas Jayhawks mascot performs during NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Patrick Smith/Getty Images/AFP.

In the sports betting landscape, things definitely could look worse for Kansas. Whereas plenty of states still haven’t managed to legalize sports betting, Kansas’s governor has signed the necessary legislation.

On June 20, Kansas governor Laura Kelly signed the bill to legalize sports betting in her state. She signed SB 84 back on May 12, though, which officially and legally authorized sports betting in Kansas.The House had voted for it on April 1 and, toward the end of April, the Senate likewise approved the measure.

With these procedures having played out, Kansas’ sports betting bill is slated to go in effect on July 1.

Problems to Work Out 

So why is there an issue? Why is there concern over legal sports betting in Kansas getting started before the start of the football season?

The answer is that legalization and regulation are not the same things. Before legal sports betting can go live, it has to be regulated.

Regulation requires the same sort of things that make legalization a complicated and lengthy process in the first place: discussion, debate, disagreement, and compromise. More concretely, gaming operators in the state still have to establish pertinent rules and regulations.

Future Outlook 

The long time that other states have taken to go live suggests that legal sports betting in Kansas will not be launched before the start of the football season. Still, the outlook for Kansas remains bright.

Casinos in the state may partner with the pros in the sports betting business, with top sportsbooks such as FanDuel.

Tribal casinos will likely look to take advantage of sports betting being legalized. It will probably expand on a retail level through restaurants and the like.