Things Are Looking Up For Kentucky Sports Bettors

A general view of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky. Jamie Squire/Getty Images/AFP

The sports betting news seems to be positive in Kentucky. Read ahead for info. Top sportsbooks are slowly being able to set up shop in different states. As one Kentucky politician, sports betting should be a bipartisan issue.

This issue seems to be bipartisan because so many states are supporting its legalization and its proliferation. These states include typically red ones as well as customarily blue ones.

Public Opinion

Kentucky, a state that typically votes conservative, is a red state that by and large wants sports betting to be legal and available. Almost half of the state’s population has admitted to placing a wager on the sporting competition.

The ratio of Kentuckians who support the legalization of sports betting is well over half. Similar to a 2020 poll, 65% of them want sports betting to be legal.

Getting Over The Hump

While recent years have shown evidence of support for the legalization of sports betting among Kentucky voters, the state has yet to climb over the hump.

Year after year, politicians have failed to secure the legalization of sports betting. One obstacle to this legalization is the insufficient support from Republicans.

Some are publishing for legalization to happen in Kentucky, but others remain against it. This year, though, there is more of a push in favor of the legalization of sports betting.

New and added support has arrived from the Senate. Bills from both the Senate as well as the likes of Adam Koenig emphasize the online aspect of sports betting.

Online sports betting has increased the profitability of sports wagering and has therefore helped the state as the state collects taxes. This year, something else that is new is the removal of an in-person registration requirement.

Kentucky politicians are realizing increasingly the need for sports betting that is legal, online, and convenient for bettors. Hopefully, this added push suffices to get Kentucky over the hump.

In legalizing sports betting, Kentucky would join several neighboring states who have already managed to go over the hump. Such states include Tennessee.

Online sports betting sites like FanDuel would love to operate in this state where action particularly from the Senate would also encourage the presence of fantasy sports, which is something that FanDuel has always been quite famous for.