The NFL in 2022: How to Legally Bet on the Super Bowl LVI

The jumbotron at SoFi Stadium reads “Super Bowl LVI Bound” after the Rams defeated the 49ers in the NFC Championship. Ronald Martinez/Getty Images/AFP.

With the Super Bowl fast approaching during the most straightforward time in history for Americans to place a legal wager, join us with our preview covering the basics of betting on the big game.

Wagering on sports in America is now legal in 30 states. Considering this, sportsbooks are naturally expected to receive more betting action on the Super Bowl LVI than ever before.

As sports betting advertisements will bombard your televisions with tempting promotions, first-time bettors could become overwhelmed with the plethora of information at hand.

Here’s our short guide on betting the Super Bowl game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Point Spreads and Over/Unders

The dynamic duo in NFL sports betting markets is the point spread (the number of points a team must win for a wager to win) and the over/under, also known as the total (the number of points scored by both teams).

When attempting to beat the spread, you must first understand the lines that sportsbooks have set. Most bookmakers have lined the Rams as a -4 favorite for this weekend’s Super Bowl LVI. For bettors supporting this wager to cash their ticket, the Rams must win the game by 5 points or more, therefore “covering” the spread.

At the opposite end, bettors can choose to wager on the underdog. In this case, the Cincinnati Bengals are +4, and they must cover the spread by either winning or losing by 3 points or less.

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Should the game end with a 4-point differential, sportsbooks will return a bettor’s initial stake, and this result is known as a “push”.

Major sportsbooks such as Caesars and BetMGM will regularly compete by offering more value on their odds or by even adjusting the line. With this in mind, shopping around for the best odds is imperative to find the best possible profits.

If you’re expecting the game to result in a high-scoring affair, you can alternatively wager against the total. If the current Rams vs. Bengals total points is set at 48.5 points, over bettors will need to see 49 or more points scored, whereas under backers will be rooting for a game with 48 points or less.

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If the spread or total bets are too overwhelming, you can simplify your betting attempts with the moneyline wager. A moneyline bet is simply choosing which team you believe will win; however, the sportsbooks favorite will require gamblers to stake more than the expected return, also known as “paying juice”.

If the LA Rams moneyline odds are set at -190, bettors would need to wager $190 to return a profit of $100. The moneyline market is an excellent position for underdog backers, where a $100 bet will always produce more profit than your initial investment.

Proposition Bets

Proposition bets can become very appealing for the more casual gambler or someone who knows very little about the sport. A proposition involves predicting certain events that will or won’t happen during the game.

They can range in variety, from picking which score type will be the first or whether or not the game will go into overtime.

One of the most sought-after prop bets is the perennial coin flip, which offers a choice of heads or tails – ultimately determines which team can choose to get the ball first. For those impatient bettors, you can cash a ticket before the game even begins with this approach.

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Or maybe you want a winning ticket after the game; you should test your luck on predicting the color of Gatorade; the winning coach will be doused in following the game’s conclusion.

Another popular choice is prop bets on player’s performance, where you can bet on touchdowns, rushing yards, receiving yards, or how many catches your favorite receiver may complete.

Now that you know the basics feel free to make your NFL picks and enjoy the game on Sunday!