The Importance of Finding the Best Online Poker Bonus

A dealer gives cards. (Photo by MYCHELE DANIAU / AFP)

Before entering the world of online poker, it’s imperative to find a bonus or promotion that could potentially increase your expected profits. A poker bonus found in online rooms is the critical difference and advantage online players have over their brick-and-mortar equivalents. With a plethora of promotions looking to gauge your attention, it’s essential to know which bonus to choose and the perks you’ll receive in doing so. 

Continue reading to understand how a good poker bonus can benefit your online results and assist in building your bankroll, giving you the upper hand before considering when and where to play. 

Finding A Poker Welcome Bonus 

Welcome poker bonuses aren’t uncommon amongst online poker sites, as most platforms are regularly looking for ways to entice new players. 

However, the value behind such bonuses are crucial for new players attempting to build a healthy margin in profit, and they often include a mixture of advantages, such as: 

  • Free cash to play with
  • The chance to play alternative poker games with little risk 
  • Affording to play higher staked games 

It may sound simple, but many players can often overlook a casino bonus and miss the opportunity to claim the free money.

Once you’ve found a bonus worthy of your attention, you’ll simply confirm your identity, and a first-time deposit will often trigger the bonus offer presented. 

Whichever poker room you play in the balance will automatically be credited with the bonus, and you can begin to reap the rewards. 

Different Types of Poker Bonuses 

No Deposit Bonus 

No Deposit Bonuses (NDB) can be found on multiple online casinos. And they do exactly what it says on the tin; you receive free money to wager with for simply signing up. You’re basically obtaining a starting bankroll without having to deposit any of your own money. 

It’s good to note that all-in-one providers of poker, casino, and sportsbooks are known as “soft sites”, meaning they’re easier to win due to the high number of amateur players. 

Initial Deposit Bonus 

The initial deposit bonus is derived from your first deposit. More commonly, these bonuses will give you a percentage return on your initial investment. For example, if an online poker room or casino offers a 50% match bonus, you’d receive $50 of free cash from a $100 deposit. 

There are usually limits to the amount you deposit, but some sites can offer initial deposit bonuses as high as $1000. 

Freeroll Tournament  

Poker sites that hold tournaments require a fee, but if you stumble upon a freeroll tournament, the usual fee required will be exempt – meaning that you only have to pay a buy-in cost. In addition, many tournaments don’t even require a buy-in.

You can subsequently find yourself in a poker tournament utterly free of charge. With that said, the prize pools are pretty limited, but it’s a great way to earn experience and a small profit.  

Reload Bonus 

For poker player’s who’ve already cashed in their initial deposit bonus, fear not, you can still make money with your deposit money by utilizing a reload bonus. 

Most reload bonuses offer matched bonuses at a smaller percentage than a welcome bonus, and any particular site could offer 20%-50% on average.  

Rakeback Bonus 

Rake is the commission fee charged by the house (casino) you’re playing with, usually 2.5% to 10% of the pot from each poker hand. Rakeback is a cash refund of the rake, and earning a Rakeback bonus means you receive a small percentage of the rake you’ve previously paid to the house. 

Boosted Poker Returns for Winning Players with Bonuses 

The most apparent benefit to gain from poker bonuses is the ability to assist your bankroll whilst paying the least amount of money from your own account. If a player has $100 to play with, why wouldn’t you want a 100% deposit match that would double your wager amount to $200?  

To make matters more intriguing, winning poker players will witness a dramatic increase in their profits thanks to the bonus boosts. 

Of course, some bonuses can be released in segments instead of all at once, but free money isn’t something you’d walk past on the street. Whenever you reach a new milestone in your poker player etiquette in terms of rake paid or points gathered, a comfortable cash injection into your account can make the difference. 

A Losing Poker Player’s Cushion  

Perhaps the most significant aspect of poker bonuses is that they don’t become advantageous for winning players only. They’re a great addition to a losing player’s budget.  

If you’re suffering a downswing in results, the bonus money can act as the perfect cushion to bounce back another day or avoid using your own money. 

Having a backup pot of cash to rely on can assist a nasty losing streak because bonus money has a two-fold purpose. You’ll lower the overall risk of losing your actual money whilst simultaneously increasing your probability of winning, as you’ll own a bigger budget spread throughout more hands and increase your chances of success in the long run.