The Four Tips Every Bookie Should Know Before For The NFL 2016 Season

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.21.22 AMAs the NFL 2016 season starts to approach it’s never too early to start preparing your books for NFL betting.

Although the NFL season starts in September and draft season starts in August, your players will want to start placing their bets as soon as they can once draft season has been announced. Although they may be prepared for the NFL 2016 season, how do you prepare yourself?

Read below and get ready with these quick tips to prepare for the NFL 2016 betting season.

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Quick Tips For NFL 2016 Season


1.Last Year’s Records

If you’re looking for a start on preparing for the NFL 2016 season, look at last year’s records. It’s not a bad idea to review these records as you will gain insight into each NFL team and their players. Even looking back in your book, you will be able to see who your players favourite teams and NFL players are.

2.The Rookies

In August draft season starts, and draft season means new players -a lot of new players. 200 players are drafted each and every year, and will later turn into valuable contributors to their team. The more you know about the rookies, the easier it is for you to start promoting your players to place bets on the rookies and not just the star players.

3.Coaching Changes

You should always pay attention to any NFL coaching changes because you may notice your players betting more or less or less on that specific team compared to their normal betting behaviour. Also, when team’s change their coaches it will change how that team plays. You may even want to start promoting to your players that a change in coach will increase the odds of a specific team winning.

4.Keep On Top Of Stats

Keeping up with player stats and game stats can be quite difficult at first, but once you start following stats you’ll be able to encourage your players to place different wagers.

If you follow a few stats per day you will be able to build a better understanding around the upcoming NFL season and the ability to use these statistics with your players.

You now have all of the quick tips you need to prepare yourself and your online bookie business for the NFL 2016 season, but don’t just stop there. Prepare your online bookie business with’s premium platform today and start growing your books for NFL season all summer long for only $3 per head pricing.

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