SugarHouse Removes All the Requirements With New Offer

A man holds up dollar bills. Yasin Akgul /AFP

There’s a relatively recent trend in online sportsbooks to offer you a bonus when some commonplace event occurs during a sporting event you’ve bet on.

For instance, if you place a bet on a fight and a punch is landed by either fighter, you get paid. Or if a three-point shot is made by either team in a basketball game you’ve bet on, you earn a bonus.

SugarHouse has decided to cut out all the silly requirements, including the one that says you have to actually make a bet. Instead, they are cutting to the chase and just giving you the money. SugarHouse’s newest promotional offer is to match your initial deposit 100%, up to $250.

Show Us the Money

The parameters of the offer couldn’t be much clearer. If you open a new account with SugarHouse and make a deposit, they match the amount of your deposit, up to $250. That means you’re doubling your money before you even place a bet.

SugarHouse isn’t established in as many states as other books—at least not yet—but the betting deal is valid everywhere it does business, including Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Keep Rolling

The best part of SugarHouse’s offer, in addition to the lack of any bells and whistles on the requirements, is the rollover rate. The matching deposit has just a 1x rollover rate.

Often, sportsbooks have impressive offers that come with high rollover rates, to keep you from ever cashing out your money. For instance, 10x rollover rates are not uncommon. That would mean that in order to withdraw your $250, you need to make at least $2500 in bets.

Assuming you win half of your bets, a 20x rollover would mean that you would be expected to lose your entire bonus before you could start spending your money in the real world.

With SugarHouse, you just need to get the $250, and then the winnings, including those from the free money they gave you for making a deposit, is yours to withdraw if you so desire. And, assuming a 50% success rate, you’d be expected to withdraw $237.50.