Stagnation in Indiana’s Sports Betting Landscape

Tyrese Haliburton #0 of the Indiana Pacers dribbles as Bruce Brown #1 of the Brooklyn Nets defends. Sarah Stier/Getty Images/AFP

While it is obviously fascinating to examine the sports betting landscape in major states such as New York and New Jersey, we shouldn’t leave the smaller states unexamined.

Without looking at the smaller states, we can’t understand the sports betting landscape in the bigger states quite as well.

No matter the state, we need to ask the same question: why is this state performing well or not performing well at this point in time.

The sports betting numbers for June in Indiana have been released by the Indiana Gaming Commission in its latest report.

Lackluster Numbers in Indiana 

The betting numbers in Indiana engender disappointment because they suggest stagnation. For comparison’s sake, the monthly handle record in this state is $500.1 million, which was set in January of this year.

In June in Indiana, however, the handle was $256.3 million, just over half as much. Indiana sportsbooks in June, moreover, took a betting amount that dipped 29 percent from May’s amount and was almost identical with last June.

Relative to last June, Indiana sportsbooks actually dropped in revenue this month. Baseball was the most popular sport for Indiana sports bettors to wager on. However, the lack of an Indiana-based MLB team probably hurts the betting numbers.

FanDuel Still Strong 

FanDuel is still the leading sportsbook in Indiana. This top sportsbook leads them all in terms of online handle and online revenue. In June, it took in 79.4 million dollars in online wagers and garnered $5.5 million in online revenue.


There is still some time to elapse before Indiana-based bettors can wager on their beloved Indianapolis Colts.
While some new sportsbooks will enter the market, they surely won’t challenge popular and established industry leaders such as FanDuel.

Until football season starts, baseball will likely continue serving as the most popular sport for Hoosiers to bet on.