Sportsbooks Are Impatient Alongside Kansas Bettors

Kansas Jayhawks mascot NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament
The Kansas Jayhawks mascot performs during NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Patrick Smith/Getty Images/AFP.

Sportsbooks are itching to begin operating in Kansas. FanDuel, for example, is already offering attractive promotions to customers in the state.

It is definite that legal sports betting will come to the home of the Jayhawks.

To be clear, sports betting has already been legalized in the state — it was signed into law on May 12 of this year, and then it became legal on July 1.

But, as we’ve seen with other states, there is a frustratingly long process that takes place between the legalization and the launch of legal sports betting. So, how many hairs will we have to pull out until launch?

What’s Taking So Long?

Why can’t online sportsbooks launch in Kansas since it became legal? A lot of paperwork needs to happen first.

Legal sports betting requires rules and licensing. There are, in short, legal maneuvers in the form of contracts that need to be worked out.

In this context, the major players are the Kansas Lottery and Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission which oversees everything.

Other key entities include the casinos to which sports betting sites are tied under Kansas sports betting law, and the sports betting operators themselves.

All of this legal activity means that the hope for the launch to take place before the start of the football season appears rather optimistic.

Legally, though, launch must take place by the end of the year.

So, at least Jayhawk basketball fans are sure to get their fill well before their squad enters March Madness.