Slot Machines for Dummies: Don’t Make These Amateur Mistakes

Slot Machines Casino Money Wager
Slot machines at the ‘Domaine de Forges’ Partouche group’s casino. (Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP)

First, let’s begin by highlighting that slot machines are a game of chance. With that said, it doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes that threaten your overall luck and return on investment.

Play slot machines more intelligent and wiser. Don’t be a dummy, and avoid the common mistakes we’ve listed below.

1. Avoiding Jackpot Machines

One typical mistake you’ll find slot machine players making is their avoidance of lucrative jackpots. But if you want to increase the overall amount of money you want to win, why would you do this?

Of course, slot machine enthusiasts know the score; these randomized robots will take our money most of the time. But we also know that a win will eventually roll our way. When luck decides to turn up, you could miss out on some serious profits if you aren’t playing for the highest available returns.

Don’t fear big jackpots by believing they lower your winning probability.

2. Neglecting Comp Schemes

For the casino-goers, those who enjoy physical slot machines, don’t neglect slot comp schemes.

Comp schemes are exclusive memberships that will gift you with a card you can use each time you play slot machines. This loyalty scheme will reward you with comps, as players will be maximizing their potential payout.

3. Playing at a High Speed

Impatience and trigger-happy players will remove the fun of slots whilst draining their balance fast. Many players repeat this action, and by pressing the spin button too fast, a disastrous mistake is being made in the form of losing money.

The more money wagered gives a higher potential of more money lost. But, if you place more wagers and do it at high speed, your losses could be huge, and your risk factor could double when playing at a regular pace.

4. Not Following Your Budget

Bankroll management is a common term in sports betting, but this rule also applies to slot machines. Slots can drain bankrolls very fast, so managing your available budget is essential in avoiding losses.

Understand your betting limits, set a budget before you hit the machines, and drop your stakes and find low-cost slot machines if your budget is low.

5. Ignoring Bonuses

Players will ignore bonuses too often, which is the equivalent of neglecting free money.

Most casinos will provide their customers with exciting rewards and promos, and those who ignore these opportunities also overlook the chance to increase their win probability and reduce losses.

6. Playing Just One Game

Slot machines offer the most diverse selection in all of gambling. The variety available when choosing a slot machine can be overwhelming, but this doesn’t mean you should stick to one game.

Please consider the bonus features, whether it’s a three or 5-reel game, and enjoy the selection of themes when playing different casino games; if you’re consistently losing on your go-to slot, it’s time for a change.

Always consider the RTP (return to player), as slot machines with a higher RTP will be giving you a higher % of overall profits.