A Simple Guide to Betting on the English Premier League in the US

Manchester City trophy Premier League title
Manchester City’s former midfielder Fernandinho holds up the Premier League trophy. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP)

As the most watched sports league on the planet returns to our screens, bettors from around the globe anticipate a season-long deliverance of high-intensity soccer action from the English Premier League (EPL).

It’s the most competitive soccer league in the world, where twenty domestic clubs will face each other twice (19 home/19 away) between August and May, totaling 380 games.

In the United States, NBC Sports owns the streaming rights to the Premier League, allowing American EPL enthusiasts to follow their wagers alongside the live action.

For those new to gambling on the Premier League, this is what you need to know.

Which Are the Best Sportsbooks and Markets for EPL Betting?

Most US sportsbooks will provide at least three primary betting markets: moneyline, spread/goal line/handicap, and total goals (aka over/under).

The most popular bookmakers such as DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel will additionally offer a plethora of proposition betting markets like goal scorers, correct score predictions, and even the most obscure proposition bets involving the number of corners or throw-ins taken in a game.

To help you understand the most crucial betting markets in the EPL, continue reading our simple guide below.

Betting the EPL Three-Way Moneyline

Unlike most American-based sports, soccer presents three possible outcomes within its domestic fixtures: a home win, a draw, and an away win. Additionally, the home team will always appear on the left side of the line when selecting your game of choice, dissimilar to American sports that display home/road games in the reverse order.

Moneyline wagers are settled in regular time – 90 minutes of play – and whichever team has scored the most goals within this period will be declared the winner. The match is declared a draw if the game ends goalless or with an even scoreline.

Bettors should remain diligent when betting on English cup games like the FA Cup, as these games can result in extra time and penalties to declare the winner.

Similar to most moneyline wagers, there will be a favorite and an underdog, with the available odds reflecting on which team is statistically more successful. However, betting the draw can be an excellent approach to gaining large profits as the odds always provide high-value plus-money odds.

EPL Moneyline Example:

Tottenham is +250 underdogs versus Manchester City (-150 favorites). Should you place $100 on Tottenham and they successfully defeated City, bettors would win $250.

In reverse, betting on Manchester would require a higher stake of $150 to return a $100 profit.

The draw is generously priced at +220 (the average price found for a drawn EPL game), and as both teams are two of the top-six in the league, this outcome is entirely possible. A $100 on the draw would net a profit of $220.

Betting the EPL Draw No Bet Market

As the three-way moneyline may disgruntle American bettors who’re used to wagering on sports that deliver a winning team each and every time, the draw no bet market is the perfect solution.

The draw no bet is a classic moneyline wager where the draw option is removed. If the game ends in a tie, your stake will be returned.

Betting the EPL Double Chance Market

Double Chance allows bettors to combine two of the three-way moneyline outcomes into one bet.

This market is perfect if you believe an underdog can deliver a shock upset versus a significant betting favorite, as you can still profit if the team wins or draws the game.

Betting the EPL Spread/Goal Line

A term that most American bettors will be familiar with is the point spread. However, as points are present in the game of soccer, it’s referred to as a goal line. Most bookmakers will provide a -0.5, 1, or 1.5 goal lines, but 3 and 3.5 goal lines can also be found for bigger favorites.

Similar to the double chance market, these are idealistic wagers to utilize when you believe a betting underdog has a fighting chance.

A +1.5 goalline on Tottenham versus Manchester City would still return a profit even if Tottenham lost, so long as they kept the score within 1 goal. However, if Manchester City won by two or more goals, the bet would be graded as a loss. In reverse, Manchester City -1.5 goalline would require City to win by 2 or more goals for the bet to cash.

Betting the EPL Over/Under Goals Market

If you’d rather avoid choosing the winner of a soccer game, the Over/Under goals (totals) market gives you a chance to predict the number of goals you believe will be scored in a game.

Whether it’s 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4, or 4.5 goals, bettors can wager against how many goals they expect to score – or not in 90 minutes of play.

Premier League Betting Advice

The Premier League isn’t just the most watched sports league in the world, it’s also the most wagered on. This causes bookmakers to become highly competitive with their available odds, thus creating some of the most valuable betting prices globally.

Approaching the EPL betting markets isn’t complicated, and across an entire season, it’s the highest probable sport of long-term wagering success.

  • • Research the games, don’t make soccer picks randomly, and try to focus on a handle of teams.
  • • As the number of teams is vast, you’re dealing with a large sample size.
  • • Shop for your odds. As previously mentioned, sportsbooks will be extremely competitive with their prices.
  • • Lastly, attempt to keep your stakes the same (flat betting).

At the same time, it may seem tempting to unload your entire bankroll on Manchester City, but these bold moves can often end in disappointment – especially with three-way moneyline wagers that can end in a drawn game.