SBK Promo Should Entice New Customers

A general view of Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. Justin Edmonds/Getty Images/AFP

SBK is offering a nice promo that should compel you to register with them. SBK is a top sportsbook that is expanding in the U.S as a strong and reliable mobile option. If you look for information about this sportsbook, then you’ll notice its strong European presence.

SBK is well-established in Europe. From this continent, SBK made its way into the U.S., where the legalization of sports betting in the different states is supporting its growth. This sports betting site is creating strong promo opportunities in order to attract bettors so that bettors can see what SBK has to offer.


SBK is offering a strong promo right now. Currently, the offer is $100 in free bets. This is literally free money from the sportsbook itself that you get placed into your account to wager with. In order to receive this free bet money, you have to place a deposit of at least $10. $10 is not at all a big ask. This is a small amount of money that you’ll place before you get ten times the amount in free bet money.

It is easier to win, I think when you face less pressure. It is less pressure when you bet with someone else’s money. Therefore, free bet money should be an attractive option for bettors looking to increase their bankroll. 

Terms and Conditions

You must be 21 or older in order to reap the benefits of this promo. Moreover, this promo is targeting new users because the sportsbook wants to expand its clientele.   So, if you haven’t done so already, you should register at SBK. New customers will get the free bet money.

Also, you must be in Colorado or Indiana. There is a warning here: be sure to use your free bet money within 90 days of receiving it. After that time elapses, then your free money will vanish. Don’t let the generous sports betting opportunity go to waste.