Free eBook: “How You Can Make Money as a Bookie”


The Sports Junkies Guide to Making Money as an Online Bookie is an amazing tool for anyone in the pay per head business, no matter your experience level.

This eBook gives you practical tips on…

– how successful online bookies operate
– how sports enthusiasts break into the pay per head industry
– proven strategies for bookie veterans looking to boost their revenue
– common industry mistakes and what to avoid
– understanding the finances behind pay per head services

This new resource comes to you from, an industry veteran that provides the best bookie management software in the business. They’ve been deeply rooted in the pay per head industry since 1997 and have learned some tried-and-true tactics that, simply put, will make you more money.

Download this free resource today for access to online bookie expertise:

“The life of a bookie isn’t about saying ‘this bet will put me in the green for the year’, it’s about looking at your book every week and knowing that, on average, your clients could be paying you thousands of dollars just for the opportunity to place a bet at your book.”

So if you’re looking for new ways to boost your income as an online bookie, grab your free copy of this eBook right now and get 100’s of actionable tips and strategies.

But what if you’re an average sports enthusiast who’s looking to harness their betting and sports knowledge into a new source of income?

This eBook not only has advanced strategies for those online bookies who have been in the business for a long time, but it’s newbie friendly too with basic fail-proof programs to launch your new per head services career.

Here is step one for those of you new to the per head services industry:

“The first step is to take you out of the business as much as possible. After all, a bookie can only spend so much time with customers as long as they are beholden to other firms and to people who need information from them. When you add Pay Per Head to your arsenal, much of that goes away and is replaced with a great method of following up with customers, managing costs of the business, and finding new lines to give to your clients.”

Like what you hear? Get access to the full eBook here and your wallet and your players will thank you!

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