Premier League Matchday 9 Top Betting Picks

Liverpool's Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah. (Photo by MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP)
Liverpool’s Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah. (Photo by MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP)

Manchester United-Liverpool would be definitive for Premier League title only negatively for United in case of defeat.

Reputation and ambition of Manchester United aren’t harmed enough to take drama away from the unique header of this weekend Premier League: north England derby against Liverpool could hit harshly though their hope to be title contender. Great odds on Crystal Palace and Southampton.

Manchester United vs. Liverpool

Premier League, Round 9 

Sunday 24th October 2021 – 11:30 AM EDT @ Old Trafford

Beating Atalanta came at United convenience right when they needed the most. Cause they almost touched the lowest point of this ugly october when they went into half time being 2 goals down: go figure that only once previously in the history of European Cup/Champions League they were down 0-2 at Old Trafford at half time – and it was back in 1957 but against the greatest Real Madrid ever in semifinal. Having recovered has helped to stay faithful, but now Liverpool seem coming to end the job. The Reds are progressively recovering their fantastic shape of 2 years ago, and at Atletico they proved to be able to hammer for 90 minutes long against the greatest rivals. Salah is simply unstoppable, and if not the best player in this moment, anyway belongs to that bunch of very few able to reverse a game on their own.

Is Cristiano belonging to that same group? Not really: he is best goalnetter around the world still, jointly with Lewandowski, but he isn’t really able to help the team to improve their game. Considering the one day less to recover, and that playing against Atalanta wasn’t less demanding than Atletico’s for Liverpool, then it is quite hard to see them shipping a win from this. And possibly would be already good for them to take a point, which is frankly too hard: 3 games in a row without winning, and the rivals were Aston Villa, Everton and Leicester. What is strange, and good for the competition, is that in spite Liverpool playing the best football overall so far, anyway the upper positions see them at the same level with Chelsea, City and United themselves. So Klopp will treat this not only for the prestige it brings, but taking Mufc as a proper title challenger. Which is the worst news for Solskjaer.

Premier League Pick: Liverpool to win +135 at MaximBet

Crystal Palace vs. Newcastle

Premier League, Round 9

Saturday 24th October 2021 – 10:00 AM EDT at Selhurst Park

Steve Bruce is gone from Newcastle and it doesn’t come as a surprise after the billionaire takeover. A caretaker is there while Fonseca is due to sign. But in fairness it’s not said that he would have stayed anyway: Newcastle lie second from the bottom but having a slightly better squad, that could aim at a 15th place at the end of the season. Not even a single win so far, which isn’t acceptable considering their scheduling. Crystal Palace from 3 draws in a row, always in the game.

Premier League Pick: Crystal Palace to win +100 at DraftKings

Southampton vs. Burnley

Premier League, Round 9

Sunday 24th October 2021 – 11:30 AM EDT at St. Mary’s Stadium

There are 4 points and 3 positions difference between Southampton 15th and Burnley. But the Saints went through a pretty tough streak of games, shipping anyway a win against Leeds and a draw at City. There is no comparison between the solidity of the two, and Southampton when at St’Mary’s always enhance their fighting spirit, something Burnley don’t seem to possess at all, and that in Premier’s relegation zone sounds as the real tie breaker.

Premier League Pick: Southampton to win +105 at MaximBet

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