PointsBet’s Karma Kommittee Has You Covered

MLB umpire Angel Hernandez baseball
MLB umpire Angel Hernandez #55 calls out Wil Myers #4 of the San Diego Padres after he was tagged at home plate by Nick Hundley #5 of the San Francisco Giants. Jason O. Watson/Getty Images/AFP

Whether you’re betting on sporting events or just rooting for your favorite team, everyone has seen the frustration of bad luck spoiling what should have been a sure thing.

It could be a season-ending injury that scuttled your future bet or a terrible call late in a game that kept your team from covering.

PointsBet now has you covered. While it can’t change what happened or make your favorite team come on top, it can do something about the money you lost.

The sportsbook has unveiled its Karma Kommittee, which is available to meet at a moment’s notice and decide if you deserve a refund in light of an unlucky development.

PointsBet Is Fighting for You

If the Karma Kommittee decides that you’ve gotten a raw deal, it can authorize a Good Karma Payout and refund money lost to anyone affected by the injury, call, or freak occurrence. “It convenes on a moment’s notice to correct the injustices that harm our betting accounts.”

Summoning the Kommittee

Once you’ve finished yelling about whatever unlucky break your team suffered, you can request that the Karma Kommittee convenes (Konvenes?) to discuss whether you have a case.

As the PointsBet website explains, “Tweet them at #KarmaKommittee if you spot a brutal beat. The KK is always watching.“

Among the “cases” that have been brought to the Kommittee are a late field goal that blew an NFL line, a player sitting for the entire fourth quarter after he was close to his points prop total, and a bad call in an MLB game that prevented a batter from coming to the plate with runners on.