PointsBet Offers Promo on Top of Promo

A worker counts US dollars (Photo by Juan BARRETO / AFP)

PointsBet is a top sportsbook that, among many things, is known for forming part of what is arguably the first major sports betting deal in college athletics.

This high-profile sportsbook made an agreement with the University of Colorado, which will help send customers to PointsBet by advertising for PointsBet. In addition to striking high-profile deals, PointsBet offers great promos that helps them grow their customer base.

May is no different in terms of PointsBet publicizing great deals. These deals should entice sports bettors because they make it easier to win money in a way that shows bettors what PointsBet has to offer in terms of Sports Betting options.

This website is great for all sports bettors in general but also the ones who like to wager a fair amount of money. No matter your preferred wager size, you’ll want to sign up with PointsBet in order to take advantage of their unique offers.

Promo Details 

You’ll want to register an account with PointsBet and apply the code VIBONUS in order to get $2,000 in risk-free bets. The $2,000 needs to be broken down into two parts, which helps explain why this is like two promos in one.

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The first part of the offer applies to fixed-odds wagers. Fixed odds bets are your traditional type of bet where you place a bet at certain odds — for example, $100 on the Bucks to win at -5 (-110) — and you receive or lose a set amount of money depending on the result of your wager.

You get up to $500 returned to you if your first fixed odds bet loses. Moreover, you get up to $1500 returned to you if your first PointsBetting wager loses. PointsBetting wagers are where literally every point affects your final payout amount such that you can win big or lose big.

Whereas a fixed-odds wager guarantees you a set amount of money that you have to pay or receive, in a PointsBetting wager if your bet wins by a bigger margin then you will receive more money.

Because you will lose more money if your PointsBetting wager loses by more, it is great to have this extra $1500 cushion. In addition to this two-part promo, you will get $100 in free bets.

More Details 

The $100 in free bets applies to the following states: New Jersey, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, West Virginia, and Virginia. In addition to these states, the whole package of promos applies to Illinois, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and New York. Terms and conditions apply. You must, of course, be 21 to participate.