PointsBet Helps You Graduate From College Basketball to the Pros

James Harden #1 of the Philadelphia 76ers. Adam Hunger/Getty Images/AFP

Had enough of all the college basketball madness? If so, maybe you’re ready to start putting some money on the teams that are (legally) playing for pay. PointsBet can help get you started graduating from college to the pros with a new NBA promotional offer.

What Do You Get

If you sign up for a new account at PointsBet, you can get up to $2,200 worth of First-Bonus Bets on the NBA. The offer is split in two. You’ll receive a First-Bonus Bet using PointsBet’s PointsBetting system that will refund any losses up to $1,600.

The other $600 First-Bonus Bet will come on your first fixed-odds bet (the traditional way of gambling at most sportsbooks).


PointsBet offers a feature—PointsBetting—that differs from traditional betting. The amount of money won or lost varies depending on the margin of victory. As the site explains, “The more you’re right, the more you win. The more you’re wrong, the more you lose.”

For example, if a user bets $10 on James Harden scoring over 21 points in his next game, each point over or under that cutoff multiplies the stake. So, if Harden goes for 22 points, the user wins $10. 23 points win $20. 31 points would earn $100 (10-point win times $10 stake).

On the other hand, if Harden doesn’t reach 21 points, the user loses their $10 stake for every point under. A 16-point game would cost the user $50 (five-point loss times $10). If Harden sprains his ankle after scoring one point and doesn’t return, the user would lose $200 (20-point loss times $10).

Get Your $2,200

PointsBet had a similar offer for $2,000 in First-Bonus Bets. This NBA deal boosts your insurance policy by $100 on each bet—from $1,500 to $1,600 on PointsBetting and from $500 to $600 on fixed NBA odds.