PointsBet Brings Big-Money Offer

One hundred dollar bills. Mark Wilson/Getty Images/AFP

PointsBet is a top sportsbook that is offering a gigantic promo in order to show new bettors and other new customers what it has to offer as a sportsbook.

This promo isn’t just gigantic because it is attractive. It is gigantic because there are multiple parts to it and because a lot of money is involved.

Out of the many great deals that different sports betting sites offer, what PointsBet is offering at this point in April stands out.

Part One

The first promo is called a welcome promo because it is designed to attract new customers. To be clear, PointsBet always wants to attract new customers. But it won’t always do so with its current array of offers.

As part of the first stage of the current offer, new users when they register at PointsBet may receive two risk-free bets up to $2,000.

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Risk-free means that you will get refunded if you lose as long as you stick to the stipulated amounts by betting within $2,000.

It is harder to bet when you feel the pressure of possibly losing. But with this offer, you can bet with a freer mind while exploring what PointsBet has to offer.

Other Parts

As the second part of this deal, PointsBet will back you on your first fixed odds wager up to $500. So, you will get that $500 refunded to you if you should lose.

Then, your first PointsBet period is backed up to $1,500. This part of the deal continues with the trend of PointsBet offering risk-free, insured betting opportunities.

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Bettors are being allowed to play around with large amounts of money for their sports betting endeavors.

Going even further, if you are located in Colorado, New Jersey, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, and Virginia then you may obtain up to $100 in free bets.


In order to be a part of PointsBet’s offers, you need to register with PointsBet. Also, have the bonus code ready to apply: VIBONUS.

Of course, you must be 21 or older. Terms and conditions naturally apply.

You must be located in one of the following states: New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Virginia, Michigan, and West Virginia.

These conditions aren’t too hard to fulfill, so you probably are able to take advantage of PointsBet’s promos. Congrats if that’s the case: be sure to take advantage!