PointsBet Bonus Bonanza for New Customers

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If you are wondering which of the U.S. licensed online sportsbooks to choose then read below because PointsBet is offering new customers a few stunning reasons to give them a try!

The $500 PointsBet Offer

If you live in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Virginia or are close enough to make a wager within the boundaries of these states then read on because PointsBet has two amazing offers for first-time customers!

As long as you are at least 21 years of age then you can sign up for a PointsBet account, make a deposit, and your first bet will be insured for up to $500. That’s right, the more you bet the greater the insurance and if you win then you collect your winnings and the insurance disappears.

However, if you lose your first bet, no sweat because PointsBet will give you a free sportsbook credit in the amount of your original wager up to $500.

It can’t be easier than that and it is happening because PointsBet wants everyone who is eligible to give their online sportsbook a try. Once you experience their seamless dashboard, world-class customer service, and the plethora of betting markets you will wonder why any sports bettor would use another sportsbook.

But Wait! There’s More!

PointsBet has a unique feature that you won’t find in many other sportsbooks. It’s called Points Betting, while others may know it by power points or action points, and it allows a bettor to capitalize on a game when they are feeling supremely confident about their bet.

In short, you can bet your team to not only cover the spread but get paid on each point over and above your team, or total, covered the number. It’s not complicated and we will show you exactly how it works.

How Does Points Betting Work?

Let’s use the following example. The Packers (-5) are playing the Colts (+5) and in this scenario, the bettor has chosen points betting at $10 per point on the Packers. Therefore, if the Packers win the game, 27-14, we know Green Bay covered the five-point spread by 8 points (27-14 =13) (13-point margin of victory -5 point spread = 8-point cover margin).

Now, if the bettor wagered $10 per point, then we multiply that amount by the cover margin, which in this case was 8 points. Therefore, $10 x 8-point cover margin = $80. If instead of $10, the bettor wagered $100 per point then the bettor would win $800 ($100 x 8-point cover margin = $800).

And If the Bet Losses?

The opposite would be true if the bet loses, so in this example, if Green Bay failed to cover by 8 points, then the $10 points-betting wager would lose $80 and the $100 points-betting wager would lose $800.

This is a whole new world for many bettors but one in which PointsBet excels which is why they are giving a risk-free points-betting wager of up to $1500 if the bet loses! The name PointsBet was derived from points-betting so why not give this unique wager a try because your first points-betting wager is covered for up to $1500!

You Better Sign Up

Make sure to sign up today and take advantage of these two amazing betting deals because they won’t last forever.

Don’t delay, become a PointsBet member today!