PGA Tour Partners With Bet365

The PGA Tour logo is seen on a sign. Eakin Howard/Getty Images/AFP

Bet365 is one of the top sportsbooks with international renown. It is most known for its presence in England, which is where it originated. However, bettors around the globe choose to register with Bet365.

The international presence of this sportsbook is justified by its many excellent qualities among which isĀ the diversity of its offerings. You can find an absurd number of things to bet on at this sportsbook, and you can bet on all of these things in your pajamas.

It seems to be a matter of time before this sportsbook will expand its presence in the United States.
Currently, Bet365 is active in New Jersey. Soon, it may also launch in Colorado.

Partnership With PGA Tour

This new partnership with the PGA Tour expands its international image. Bet365’s new deal with this major golfing entity is for three years. It is a content and marketing agreement. One strong betting feature that Bet365 offers for golf is its in-play PGA Tour betting.

Such a feature makes golf more engaging for fans or other interested folks who will peruse Bet365’s live betting options while feverishly watching the PGA Tour’s product on television, which they may have not watched otherwise.

Mutual Benefit

Stronger engagement of viewers is exactly what the PGA Tour desires, so its interest in this internationally renowned sports betting site is perfectly reasonable.

In return for Bet365’s work for the Tour, the PGA Tour’s official website will feature Bet365’s odds
Bet365 will also have a meaningful presence in major pro golf publications.