Pay Attention to Unibet’s March Promo

A man counts dollar banknotes. (Photo by MOHAMMED HUWAIS / AFP)

Unibet isn’t as well-known as some of the other top sportsbooks, but that should change. 

Their great new promo helps explain why bettors should register with them.

This promo provides bettors with a unique opportunity to make money in a relatively stress-free way.

Thanks to the changing legal landscape in the United States, a lot of American bettors are joining the legal online sports betting world.

Mentally and financially, it makes things a lot easier when a sportsbook you register at is offering you an easier way of making money.

Unibet does exactly that. 

Even if you are already registered at other sportsbooks, it only helps you to register at additional sportsbooks since you can shop around for the best value. 

Of course, you get to take advantage of new betting deals.

Here is information on the new promo that they are offering for March 2022.

Who Is Unibet 

Unibet is an experienced player in the legal sports betting game.

They are less-known in the United States because they haven’t been spreading their wings here for as long.

Here, of course, legal sports betting is growing rapidly, but it is still taking time for some stats to embrace it.

In Europe, though, Unibet has been established, although their headquarters are located in Malta.

The Deal 

This deal is for new users who are placing their first-ever sports wager at Unibet.

So, take advantage of what Unibet is offering by making a new account and then by making your first bet count. Their offer applies specifically to your first bet, so don’t make it a losing one!

The deal is a $250 risk-free bet. This amount is $500 in Pennsylvania. If your bet loses, then you’ll get the amount that you lost credited back to your account, as long as the amount is no more than $250 or $500 in Pennsylvania.

In other words, your first bet is insured by Unibet.

There is no promo code needed in order to take advantage of this deal.

However, Unibet isn’t offering this promo for eternity. So you’ll have to hurry before it’s too late.


Of course, terms and conditions apply. You also have to be 21 or older.

Unfortunately, Unibet isn’t available in all states. If Unibet isn’t available in your state, then you’re out of luck at least for now.

Unibet is available in Arizona, Iowa, Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. You can take advantage of Unibet’s sports betting offer in those states.